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  • Scott Boms
    My fiance's hard drive died, without a recent backup, I wasn't very optomistic about ever seeing those files again, which I couldn't afford nor were the files worth that much to me, a quick google search yielded a hard drive enclosure would allow the drive to be read as if it were an external hdd, pulling the hard drive and putting it in the enclosure, I wasn't able to access the files from a healthy computer because the drive was corrupt and unreachable, it was able to pull the files from the drive for me, save for some random corrupt files along the way, now I hope to be able to use it for its actual intended purchase, once I replace my hdd in my other computer, I couldn't be more happy with this purchase

    Jun 04,2018

  • Alex Shev
    Заказал указанный адаптер для mSATA, но к моему большому сожалению пришел адаптер для M.2. Открыл Тикет и по итогу мне вернули полную стоимость данного переходника, пришлось заказывать еще раз и снова ждать. По итогу только потерянное время.
    А в целом качество у продукции Zomy отличное, не уступает Orico.
    На видео как раз адаптер M.2

    Aug 17,2019

  • AlexT.
    Very Good
    Посылка до Крыма дошла за месяц. Трек отслеживался. Адаптер идёт в фирменной коробке из плотного картона. Сама конструкция состоит из металлического корпуса и адаптера mSata-SATA, в комплекте прилагается ещё отвёртка. Пайка на адаптере выполнена качественно. Проверил, всё работает как заявлено в описании. Буду заказывать ещё.

    Jul 21,2018

  • thelastcoyote101
    I don't think I've ever thrown away a hard drive which means I have a few laying around, i'm not about to physically install them in my computer when I need to access old files so I have a few drive enclosures laying around as well, more recently I seem to have accumulated several laptop size drives

    Jul 15,2018

  • Aleksey
    ZOMY S101- 1M mSATA SSD to SATA 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure
    A good product.
    Everything is working.
    Excellent quality.
    No problems were found.
    I recommend buying it.
    Thank you.

    Jul 11,2018

    This little case was easy enough and straightforward enough that I was able to salvage my hard drive and access it onto an older laptop, I finally found the few specific files I needed, you WILL need to google and youtube most everything about hard drive recovery if you have no experience

    Jan 12,2018

  • Aleksey
    Box for mSATA SSD to SATA
    1. A good product. Everything is working.
    2. Excellent quality.
    3. No problems were found.
    4. I recommend buying it.
    Thank you.

    Aug 23,2018

  • Adeojo A.
    This is a fantastic enclosure for the price its works great with zero hassle to get it working, the enclosure is a mix of metal and plastic but the plastic actually feels like it's decent quality and not at all flimsy, overall it's a fantastic enclosure and I highly recommend it

    Sep 17,2018

  • Jose O.
    The snap-together plastic `` tool-less'' design is handy, but likely not very sturdy -- if you want to toss an external drive in your laptop bag to lug around with you, or if you plan to store highly-critical data, you might consider the extra money for a solid all-aluminum enclosure

    Jul 30,2018

  • Igor_pro
    Кейс для диска mSata
    Хорошее качество, верхняя и нижняя крышка металлические. Пайка на самом адаптере нормальная. Единственное что, так это сам переходник внутри ничем не крепится, зажат с двух сторон только через сам sata-разъём - корпусом.

    May 04,2019