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  • Joy
    Light and beautiful
    The appearance of the box is light and beautiful, and the other accessories are also very complete. The page is simple and beautiful after entering, the switching response is super fast, it is absolutely five-star praise, excellent value for money, and will continue to patronize if needed in the future

    Nov 18,2020

  • Honey
    Fine workmanship
    The workmanship quality is very good, the installation is convenient, the channel change is relatively fast, the video is high-definition, the set-top box responds quickly, the playback is smooth, the style is simple and generous, and the software installation is also convenient. Really easy to use

    Oct 17,2020

  • John
    Very goog quality
    The workmanship is very fine and the quality is very good. After installation, watching TV is very smooth, the picture quality is clear, it supports 4K, the installation is convenient, and the operation is very simple. I especially like this network TV box. Worth buying again

    Nov 25,2020

  • Fay
    Small and exquisite
    Small and exquisite, beautiful appearance, simple installation, complete functions, convenient operation and fast speed

    Nov 22,2020

  • Darlene
    Simple installation
    Simple installation, good effect, good sound effect, beautiful appearance

    Dec 02,2020

  • Eileen
    Very good, easy to install, powerful, watching videos smoothly, without lag

    Oct 25,2020

  • Bonnie
    A product I like very much, great! Easy to install and worth buying

    Dec 08,2020

  • Cara
    Exquisite and compact
    Exquisite, compact, simple and beautiful, and good quality

    Dec 15,2020