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LedTey 3W dvojitá krystalová svítidla 100-240V
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LedTey 3W dvojitá krystalová svítidla 100-240V

- Černá + stříbrná Teplá bílá 229681602

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Typ: Nástěnné osvětlení
Materiál odstínů: PVC
Žárovka je součástí dodávky: Ano

Detaily produktu

Vstupní napětí: AC100-240
CCT / vlnová délka: 2700-3300K
Volitelné barvy světla: Teplá bílá
Osvětlovací pole (m2): Ložnice Ložnice Obývací pokoj Kreativní Pozadí Lampa Svítidlo Corridor Light

Rozměry a hmotnost

Hmotnost balení: 0,3850 kg
Velikost balení (D x Š x H): 11,50 x 11,50 x 9,00 cm / 4,53 x 4,53 x 3,54 palce

obsah balení

obsah balení: 1 x světlo

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Zákaznické recenze

4.86 out of 5
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  • Taylor Wise
    I love this lamp - it's perfect, it's exactly the right touch in my small neutral-toned living room, it perfectly echoes the arches of my wall niches and adds a graceful architectural touch to an otherwise boring arrangement of two comfy reading chairs, I arranged mine with the shortest shade on one side and the middle and tallest both swung over on the other side because I placed the the lamp against a wall and between two reading chairs, or to be able to have the lights on for only one or the other chair, from whole room to targeted reading spot, and both warm and bright light, the base is quite heavy for its size, which is good for lamp stability but could be challenging for some when assembling or moving this lamp

    Feb 25,2018

  • Lucia Paxton
    The two set screws needed to keep the pole tight to the base should be screwed into the base, I could have VERY EASILY dropped/lost these two set screws and been left with a loose lamp not properly secured, aside from almost losing two set screws the piece is very nice, you have the option of pulling the top bar out all the way so the lamp shade is parallel with the floor and the bulb is directed down to the floor, the shade is also on a hinge that will allow you to lift the shade up such that the side of the shade is parallel to the ground and the light bulb is pointing perpendicular from the pole and directed towards the wall or edge of the room, it comes with an LED bulb that will not be hot to the touch

    Oct 10,2017

  • E.ellis
    We needed some strong light for a corner where we play board games and where the bookcase is located, the three-way switch is located on the stem just under the rings, the dimmest light is great for when we watch TV to give the room a little ambient light without glaring and the strongest light is perfect for reading, the base is very thin but heavy enough to make the lamp stable, I am very happy with my purchase because of all of the above and because I have never seen anything remotely like it anywhere, I am extremely happy with this lamp

    Dec 02,2018

  • Haroldo Righi
    Folks saying that the light doesn't come on at the brightest setting when plugged/mated with the wall switch, which is typically pitch dark and any torchiere lamp had to be capable of bright light from the wall switch near the door, i'm not sure why the other folks had issues with it getting only the lowest light setting off of the wall switch - maybe a wiring issue, I ordered another exact lamp that very evening, exceptionally good price, the light is very bright, and the switch on the lamp is actually touch sensitive

    Feb 10,2018

  • shortyp
    Purchased based on personal needs/wants in a lamp but also because of its high reviews, even with a few negative reviews I was a little worried, once installed I was very curious about how much it would light up my living room since I do not have any ceiling lights in my condo, lamp works great with my wall switch, I use the brightest one mostly and sometimes the lowest one for dim lighting, smaller than most floor lamps so it doesn't look bulky or take up too much space

    Oct 09,2017

  • T. Chang
    I haven't even had a need to use the high setting so far, it's a good-looking lamp too, it's got a kind of space-age look too, gives off nice while light, not yellow as with the typical lamp, it goes to the highest setting first, especially if the room was previously dark, it's hard to find the rather small touch pad to activate the light

    Oct 20,2018

  • peterwudi
    Versatile with the ring mobility and different brightness levels, my only suggestion for improvement would be to figure out a way this lamp could turn on/off using an outlet connected to a wall switch ... the light's variable brightness level function somehow prevents this lamp from working on that one, a great lamp

    Sep 25,2017

  • Alexandre T
    Offers a decent amount of light, here's the best way I can describe it : if you are used to the old halogen torchiere that burned hot and were expensive, it's really subtle but pretty and the tone of the light is nice, sometimes LEDs can be an ugly bluish tint output but this is natural/nice like a regular lamp

    Apr 11,2018

  • Mike in Texas
    I ordered this lamp for beside my son's bed so he didn't have to have the overhead light fixture on when he was in his room, the lamp is very sturdy once assembled, the lamp isn't very bright when it's lit, all in all I'm very pleased with this lamp and would purchase it again

    Oct 19,2018

  • keroleen
    It doesn't have quite so many bells and whistles as some of the new breed of torchiere lamps, it's a very bright lamp in a very small, heavy enough base to stay put but light enough to move with one hand and small enough to fit virtually anywhere in a room

    Sep 28,2018

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