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  • Danijel Halaus
    ultrafire set
    Flashlight is longer than expected but very good, all light functions work very good, charger works... The batteries, they work now but on the first charge there was an error mark on my another charger's display so I put them in charger that came in set for a few hours and voila, they work fine, now they charge fine on both chargers without errors. Very fast delivery, thanks

    Feb 06,2019

  • Magu!
    Top de linha!
    Ótima lanterna... Muito forte e quando aplicado o zoom, chega a uma distância ótima.
    Muito bom o fato também de que ja vem com um parde baterias 3.7v recarregáveis e um carregador.
    Chegou bem embalado e num prazo aceitável, considerando que depois que os produtos chegam no Brasil, demoram uma eternidade para serem entregues.

    Oct 30,2018

  • GoSolar2
    Bright LED light works great, works out great because it takes up very little space yet puts out a bright light when needed, it really has come in handy during recent power outages when you're unexpectedly left in the dark

    Nov 25,2016

  • BdBanshee
    For how small it is it puts out some very usuable light in close quarters or reading papers without lighting up the whole room !!! Came on time and undamaged !!! Highly recomend this seller !!!

    Oct 02,2017

  • Dino
    Ottimo prodotto
    Ho diversi prodotti UltraFire e questo è una conferma dell'ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo di queste torce. Questo modello è molto efficiente nelle prestazioni e conveniente nel prezzo considerando che ha incluse 2 batterie ricaricabili ed il relativo caricabatterie

    Nov 04,2019

  • A. Gueco
    I like these lights there small rugged and brighter than most lights this size, a bit big for pocket or a guys keychain but great in the glovebox or console

    Dec 19,2017

    It has a clean bright light and is small enough to carry everywhere, I haven't had it for long so I don't know how long the battery will last

    Nov 23,2015

  • Leon
    Удобный фонарь, светит ярко. Разные режимы присутствуют.
    На батареях написано 4000 мАч, реально при проверке в Opus BT-C3100 получается меньше 1000 мАч

    Jan 25,2018

  • Jo
    Great price for what you get. The batteries, charger, and the light. It has 5 modes, zoomable, and very bright. Great light I have 5 of them.

    Dec 26,2018

  • Jay May
    I like this little flashlight - I keep it with me all the time and have used it a lot, it is bright for a small flashlight

    Oct 19,2017