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SONOFF was established in mainland China. As a reputable brand, SONOFF specializes in the design and manufacturing of the latest Appliances, combining strong performance at an excellent price. Through diligent R&D practices and robust corporate governance, its products have enjoyed strong sales worldwide. With its ambitious goal to deliver exceptional technology products at affordable prices, the company continues to impress and delight users.

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4.8 z 5

Průměrné skóre recenzí na základě 95 recenzí

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  • SONOFF Touch Smart WiFi Wall Switch SONOFF Touch Smart WiFi Wall Switch

    A switch of good quality. The touch panel operates with good response. I am using it for controlling an exterior led floodlight at 10W. I have also integrated it with the IFTTT platform and it switches on/off automatically in sunset/sunrise.
    Be aware of two things. First, you must have neutral cable in the switch housing. Second, the switch screws on the box of the wall (screws were not included). My box was of older technology and didn't have any holes. There are workarounds for this situation, but you better leave it to a professional.

  • Bezdrátový dálkový ovladač SONOFF bezdrátového časového spínače Bezdrátový dálkový ovladač SONOFF bezdrátového časového spínače

    on the internet there are many videos how to install the device works very well I recommend

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