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Suzhou Dibea Electrical Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2007. As a professional brand in the field of household cleaning appliances in China, Dibea has became a national high-tech enterprise in this field, which is dedicated to designing, R&D, manufacturing and sales over the past 10 years. Insisting on the culture of innovation. Dibea has successfully developed intelligent robot vacuum cleaners,handheld mattress vacuums, cordless stick vacuum cleaners and hundreds of high-tech household appliances, providing thousands of customers with quick and easier cleaning solutions.

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  • Bezdrátový vysavač Dibea D18 Bezdrátový vysavač Dibea D18

    So I've had this vacuum cleaner now for over 3 months and it was worth it! I didn't want to write a review immediately after receiving because I wanted to see it for my eyes it was a good investment in time. The materials seems pretty durable, plastic used is not a poor one, the design is superb, feels quite light in hand, does a great job cleaning (1 toddler and 1 hairy cat!) I wish it came together with another tool , the curved cord for cleaning your car, but i guess I could buy that online sometime . Overall I am very pleased with it, I love the idea of just cleaning anytime and anywhere some accidents "occur" rather than getting all the old gear off the closet, I can recommend it highly.Good job !

  • Ruční vysavač Dibea DW200 Pro 2 v 1 bez rukávů Ruční vysavač Dibea DW200 Pro 2 v 1 bez rukávů

    Super prático, adoro, uso quase todos os dias para apanhar as pedrinhas que saltam do areão das minhas gatas.
    Super prático para a manutenção do dia a dia.
    A duração da bateria é equilibrada, para mim, dava jeito um pouco mais de tempo de utilização para conseguir dar a volta á casa toda. Mas para isso é preferível um aspirador de ligar á corrente.
    Muito melhor que vassoura e pá na mão!

  • Bezdrátová vysavač Dibea C17 Bezdrátová vysavač Dibea C17

    The item is good , but not so strong , for home use it’s ok.
    I tried it in my car and it didn’t do nothing:(

  • Dibea DW200 Pro Aku Vysavač Dibea DW200 Pro Aku Vysavač

    Tres bon achat, acheté au départ pour nettoyer la voiture mais finalement il est utilisé tt les jours pour la maison car très léger et performant
    Seul hic! Trouver des pièces détachées pour un futur et cas de casse

  • Dibea GT200 Gyroskop Smart Robot Vysavač Dibea GT200 Gyroskop Smart Robot Vysavač

    Už toke kaina labai geras dalikas plovimas nelabai. Bet siurbimas gieras

  • Professional Dust Collector for Dibea D18 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Professional Dust Collector for Dibea D18 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

    prodotto conforme alla descrizione, spedizione puntuale

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