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Multifunkční baldachýn pro outdoorové aktivity
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Multifunkční baldachýn pro outdoorové aktivity

- Modrý 276982201

Camping Tent Piknik Mat Koberec Polštář Sluneční blok
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Hlavní rysy:
· 300 x 300 cm velkých rozměrů,dostatečně velký pro 5 - 8 dospělých
· Skvělý materiál:210T polyesterová tkanina s voděodolným stříbrem, odolná proti vlhkosti, odolná proti opotřebení a proti slunci
· Různé použití:tábořiště, deštný praporkový přístřešek, stojan na batůžový stůl, plachtovina, stůl na houpací síť, piknikový rohož, deka na pláži atd.
· Snadná instalace:je dodáván s 6 hliníkovými stojanovými stožáry a 6 lanami. Jednoduše vložte kolíky a připevněte lano k upevnění stanu
· Dodává se s úložným vakem,lehké a přenosné pro snadné nošení a snadné skladování
·Tyč není součástí dodávky



Typ: Manuální stan
Funkce: Voděodolný
Struktura: Monovrstva

Rozměry a hmotnost

Hmotnost výrobku: 0,7800 kg
Hmotnost balení: 0,8100 kg

Obsah balení

Obsah balení: 1 x vrchlík, 6 x hliníkový válec, 6 x lano

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Zákaznické recenze

4.28 out of 5
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  • frontier
    This is the nicest tent I have ever owned, It was perfect for camping and the screened in porch was sweet, The tent is not pulled tight and a little loose in some places but the color is great the windows are nice except for no back window so if you are camping next to the beach or on a cliff turn it to the side or have the screened in porch facing that way so you can be in your warm tent and see the view, Also it did rain really hard and the wind was blowing when we went camping at the beach and there was no leaking at all, It was great and it does not get too hot during the day either because the next day it was really hot so we just took the rain fly off and because of the great ventilation this tent has it was awesome for taking a nap, Also one thing I love about this tent is that the screened in porch zips up completely so when it does rain it is not a muddy mess and your stuff does not get wet, Also when it is hot and sunny the screened in porch zips down all the way so you have a view from all sides, It is especially nice when you have the camp fire going and you want to sit in your porch and enjoy as well

    Aug 17,2018

  • admo54
    LOL The tent was wonderful, I agree that it would not keep much dry in the rain, however we camp where the dew is heavy and open bags stored near the actual tent entrance were perfectly dry and the tub storage near front of porch were also pretty dry, The width inside is perfect, Our queen size mattress was front to back with no extra room, The door to the interior only opens on one side and therefore one of us had to crawl over the other to get outside, He is very tall and liked the porch for dressing too, The ventilation is great, The rainfly is designed very well and we think it would absolutely keep the rain out with windows open unless sideways rain happens, very sideways rain

    Dec 17,2018

  • TANK
    This is my second Coleman instant tent, I camp alone so I need to be able to put up the tent by myself but I also like having the space for me, I got a generic instant tent at walmart to replace my broken Coleman and gave it away to a homeless man I met after using it once, Never had issues with leaking rain but then again I generally camp in extreme weather other than high wind, Breaking it down and fitting it back in the bag is a bit tricker but you get the hang of it, IThere is no rain fly yet somehow the vent system does not seem to get water or dew inside under non-extreme conditions -LRB- I can't speak for harsher weather -RRB-

    Aug 31,2018

  • Jane Goodall
    This is the perfect tent for me, Although my old tent lasted a good long time, I searched the internet and found some fabulous tents out there but kept coming back to this one, It didn't have all the bells and whistles like some of the other new tents w / their attached screen porches, I also bought the rain fly and although it is smaller than I am used to, I will waterproof it as I always did with my other tent, I also bought a piece of indoor-outdoor carpet for the inside -LRB- the same size as the tents footprint, I will be very comfortable in there with my single size air mattress, Happy camping

    Aug 09,2018

  • Cruizer
    Excellent family tent, and I use this for our family week up to camp and for various other summer camping trip, The poles are all vertical with no perpendicular connections so it did like to tip over at first, I simply wrapped the cords for the fly around each pole and it holds great, This tent is perfect for us because I can set it up ALONE in next to no time while the wife and kiddo get settled in, and a full moon roof for the non rainy nights :-RRB-, We put our queen size air matress on one side of the divider and a pack and play along with any supplies on the other side, a great family tent

    Sep 12,2018

  • R. Gutman
    Better than any of the pop-up tents I have had that would break if you even looked at it wrong, It was warm when it got cool -LRB- I camp in Wisconsin and it gets very cold -RRB- even if this was in May, I would also dispute that it only fits one queen size air mattress and not three especially if it is an elevated one, It withstood the wind and the rain which the other tents I have had in the past could not do, And the best part was that I still had extra space to store my backpack and other things, This tent is simple for first time campers, but is best for seasoned campers who need all the space

    Nov 15,2018

  • Richard Castillo
    After many nights of getting to camp late and fighting with poles with worn out elastic ... this was a dream, Used it for two nights last weekend, had plenty of ventilation and weathered a strong storm with no water penetration, the middle section can bunch a little causing the door to be hard to zip, I only mention this as our location was some what bowl shaped and we placed it on the side of the bowl in-case of rain ... glad we planned that

    Aug 30,2018

  • rtjackucla
    Along with the tent and rainfall I bought seam sealer and two cans of camp dry, The tent is extremely well designed and tall enough to stand and move in, I set the tent up for a trial run and sprayed it with both cans of camp dry for good measure, I really wasn't that concerned because I didn't have the rain fly on it and I figured it was necessary as some of the reviews said

    Aug 29,2018

  • C. Vieira
    THis is a good tent for car camping and campgrounds, THe door is not perfect for we love it for easy access during the day, If you need to you can very securely peg this down in high winds, You can also not set up one side or the other if you run into a camp site with a small foot print although you do have to be a bit creative to do this

    Sep 18,2018

  • blumonk
    We camp often and these are quick and easy to set up, I like this model over some of the similar Coleman tents because I can stand up inside, but is not really designed for very cold weather in that the design allows quite a bit of airflow from the outside, because that helps keep the tent dry in the rain as well

    Nov 15,2018

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