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Originální Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro klávesnice
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Originální Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro klávesnice

- Šedá 176536401

Pogo Pin Magnetické připojení Multimodální rotační hřídel Separable
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Originální Chuwi HI10 Pro / Hibook / Hibook Pro Multifunkční klávesnice s otočným hřídelem s magnetickým kolíkem Pogo Pin Separable Design
Hlavní rysy:
Speciálně určen výhradně pro Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro
Klávesnice touchpadu poskytuje bezproblémový provoz
Držte zařízení bezpečně magnetickým sacím otvorem
Ideální laptop pro psaní e-mailů, chatování a hraní her
Dokovací konstrukce magnetického sání dělá čas odezvy vstupu mnohem rychleji než klávesnice Bluetooth
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Značka: CHUWI
Pro: Tablet PC
Typ příslušenství: Klávesnice
Dostupné barvy: Šedá
Kompatibilní modely: Pro Chuwi
Styl: Chladný

Rozměry a hmotnost

Hmotnost výrobku: 0,545 kg
Hmotnost balení: 0,800 kg
Velikost produktu (D x Š x V): 26,70 x 17,40 x 1,80 cm / 10,51 x 6,85 x 0,71 palce
Velikost balení (D x Š x H): 31,00 x 21,00 x 3,50 cm / 12,2 x 8,27 x 1,38 palců

obsah balení

obsah balení: 1 x klávesnice

Originální Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro klávesnice- Šedá

Originální Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro klávesnice- Šedá

Originální Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro klávesnice- Šedá

Originální Chuwi HI10 PRO / Hibook / Hibook Pro klávesnice- Šedá

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  • Nadir
    Useful, light, cost-effective and great purchase
    I received the keyboard last week (It reached me before the tablet itself). When I touched it the first time I was so surprised of it's quality. From the pictures on the site it seemed very plasticy and I was very thrilled to find out it is not the case. It is a bit heavy though, but the metal materials that Chuwi used here are fantastic and feel great in the end. The keyboard feels solid and strong and it is very not slippery which is a big advantage for those of you that are interested in it because of portability. You could sit on the train or the bus or even at your home without the need to worry for the keyboard to fall from you (Same is true for the Chuwi Hi10 Pro by the way). The keyboard is very useful - It has an on/off indicator light regarding the tablet that is connected to it, and another light to indicate whether the caps lock key is pressed or not. There are two USB ports, one for each size (I'm assuming these are USB 2.0), and the keyboard keys themselves are very convenient - Not to high, not too low, great feedback when typing and the keyboard itself is big enough to not feel like you don't have a space to type on it. There are also shortcut keys for the tablet - volume up and down, brightness up and down etc., and this is very convenient. In addition, all of the shortcut keys that should work on Android worked flawlessly. The tablet feels much more like a notebook or specifically an ultrabook that you could work with it without any problemts. All in all it is a very good purchase and I want to recommend it.
    I wouldn't call it cons but those are things that are missing from the keyboard: - If the USB Ports would have been 3.0 that would be great - If there was an extra battery in the keyboard itself it could be great - The mouse touchpad is a bit too small so some times when I pass my finger from the top of it to the bottom, it accidentally operates the shortcut to minimize all of the windows. Could be annoying sometimes.

    Feb 01,2017

  • neeknac
    Great accessory
    -Hinge is solid -Adds two USB 2.0 Ports -Adds a bunch of media keys and other useful things like PrintScreen- all of which function as expected in Windows, most in the android OS as well -Keys themselves have a good amount of travel, better than a lot of low end netbooks -Rubber pegs on bottom are rounded off and wont go anywhere -Good viewing angle -Tablet auto detects when keyboard is attached, no messing with input settings required -Does not add much depth or weight, see pics. Entire thing while attached is still narrower than a US $0.10 Dime, or about the fingernail on your thumb.
    The trackpad could be a bit better, while reasonably accurate it feels hollow when used to click things. I find myself using the touchscreen anyway.

    May 25,2016

  • Anton
    Original Chuwi HI10 PRO Pro Keyboard
    Отличный товар за свои деньги. Пришёл быстро, за 19 дней до Воронежа (ЦФО). Брака нет. 2 USB. Собрана хорошо. Что-бы отключить жест сворачивания окон: Если действительно аппаратно передаётся сочетание Win+D на свайп вниз, то очень просто решается проблема, создаёте в реестре в ветке HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced параметр DisabledHotKeys, тип "Расширяемый строковый параметр", значение параметра "D".Инструкция с 4PDA (sitis2016)

    Oct 30,2016

  • Macauley Wadas
    Solid Keyboard!
    This makes my Chuwi Hibook feel like a full sized laptop when I have this connected. It is magnetic and is super easy to connect and disconnect. You barely need to line it up most of the time the magnet pulls it right into place. It is made out of metal and it feels really sturdy. The keys feel nice when they are depressed. It feels nice on my fingers. I love this keyboard and it is such an affordable price , I just had to buy it. 5 out of 5 stars for sure!
    No complaints!

    Jun 04,2016

  • Frank Kühl
    Alles Perfekt!
    Es ist einfach eine super Tastatur! Kann man nicht anders sagen. Ich habe das Chuwi Hibook Pro und bin begeistert wie super diese Tastatur an dem Tablet aussieht und funktioniert. Es ist wie Plug-and-Play wirklich. Ich brauchte die Tastatur an schließen, und schon hat es funktioniert. Die Treiber wurden automatisch installiert und ohne Probleme. Die Tastatur ist an der Oberseite aus Metall und an der Unterseite aus Plastik. Wirkt aber trotzdem sehr hochwertig. Bin voll und ganz zu Frieden. :)
    Es gibt keine. :)

    Apr 01,2017

  • Valery
    клавиатура нормальная, тихая, полноразмерная. Дополнительным цифровым полем никогда не пользовался, поэтому что его нет - даже плюс. Немного непривычны кнопки управления курсором (стрелки), но можно привыкнуть. Трекбол работает хорошо. Особенно понравилось как планшет ставится в клавиатуру - магнитные защелки. Полноценный ноут, разве что нельзя широко открыть, иначе бы экран перевесил клаву.
    Нет кириллицы. Я многда путаюсь немного из-за этого, но жена печатает вслепую, ей все равно. Наклейки лепить не буду.

    Jan 07,2018

  • Max
    Great addon to chuwi tablet. All features work like laptop both in widows and android (like closing the lid will put windows to sleep) Have Fn button like any other laptop to manage stuff like brightness Some say that weight is a con, but id say the weight is perfect - its a bare minimum to balance heavy tablet, adds durability and stability. Magnet lock is pretty strong. Very good build quality

    Feb 14,2017

  • Taka
    Original Chuwi Hibook Keyboard
    金属のキーボードは初めてだが、ボディは高級感があり入力もし易くとても良い。満足。 ローマ字入力もするけど、個人的には日本語かな表記が欲しい。 Metal of the keyboard is the first time, but the body is there is a sense of quality input if easy to very good.Satisfaction. I also Roman character input, want kana Japanese notation personally.
    予想していたよりはすこし重いかな。 梱包はクッションなし。日本じゃ考えられない。 I wonder if a little heavier than I had expected. Packing without cushion. Unthinkable 's Japan.

    Jun 28,2016

  • Иван
    Докклава рулит!
    Клавиатура удобная. С двумя полноценными USB портами. Можно подсоединять беспроводную мышь или геймпад. Раскладка без потери букв " э,х,ъ " , как на блютуз клавиатурах для восьмидюймовых моделей. В левом углу привычный Ctrl , а не Fn, как на некоторых.
    По ощущениям тяжелей самого планшета. Нет русских букв, но можно недорого сделать лазерную гравировку. Погуглите.

    Dec 03,2016

  • Fernando Triquell
    Excelente funcionamiento y calidad
    Lo pedí en la estore española y me llegó en menos de una semana. Es muy bonito y da sensación de robustez, tacto muy suave y encaja a la perfección en mi Chuwi Hi10 Pro. No hace falta cargarlo, se carga al enchufarlo en la Tablet. Tiene dos usb, uno a cada lado para enchufar o un ratón o una memoria usb en android y cualquier periférico en Windows 10.
    Que no está en español, pero eso ya lo sabía antes de comprarlo.

    Feb 24,2017

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