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Skmei 1019 LED Sports Military Watch 50M Water Resistant
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Skmei 1019 LED Sports Military Watch 50M Water Resistant

- ČERVENÁ CAMO 115016907

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Skmei 1019 LED Sports Military Watch
SKMEI, focuses on designing and manufacturing wristwatch of young people. This SKMEI 1019, with soft PU strap, Taiwan IC chip set, imported PC material case and highly transparent resin mirror, appeals to men, especially to those who like doing sports. Whenever you are doing outdoor activities, working and schooling, SKMEI 1019 is your best partner. It adds your youth with dynamic and energetic feeling.

Main Features:
- Skmei 1019 LED sports military watch designed for men.
- Equipped with day and date mode, light mode, alarm mode.
- Can see time clearly in the dark with the back-light by pressing the button LIGHT.
- Taiwan IC chip set, time goes precisely.
- Imported PC case and highly transparent resin mirror, sturdy in structure.
- Germany premium PU band, soft to wear.
- 5ATM water resistant, it can be used for outdoor sports and water sports.
- This is a good present for your relatives and friends who like sports.



Brand: Skmei
People: Unisex table
Watch style: Fashion&Casual,LED,Military,Outdoor Sports
Available Color: Black,Blue,Red


Shape of the dial: Round
Movement type: Digital watch
Display type: Digital
Case material: PC


Band material: PU
Clasp type: Pin buckle


Special features: Date,Day,EL Back-light,Stopwatch
Water resistance : 50 meters

Weight and Size

The dial thickness: 1.5 cm / 0.6 inches
The dial diameter: 4.5 cm / 1.8 inches
The band width: 2.2 cm / 0.9 inches
Product weight: 0.050 kg
Package weight: 0.138 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 26.20 x 4.50 x 1.50 cm / 10.31 x 1.77 x 0.59 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 7.50 x 7.50 x 7.70 cm / 2.95 x 2.95 x 3.03 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Skmei 1019 Military LED Watch

Skmei 1019 Military LED Watch Water Resistant Day Date Alarm Stopwatch Sports Wristwatch- RED CAMO

Skmei 1019 Military LED Watch Water Resistant Day Date Alarm Stopwatch Sports Wristwatch- RED CAMO

Skmei 1019 Military LED Watch Water Resistant Day Date Alarm Stopwatch Sports Wristwatch- RED CAMO

Skmei 1019 Military LED Watch Water Resistant Day Date Alarm Stopwatch Sports Wristwatch- RED CAMO

About Water-resistant Watches
Water Resistant Watches are sealed to witstand some pressure.

Water resistance is tested in measurements of atmosphere (ATM). Each ATM denotes 10 meters of static water-pressure. This is not the depth to which a watch can be worn. Many watch cases will list the basic measurement of 1 ATM as "water-resistant." These watches will withstand small splashes of water but should not be worn while washing the hands or submerging the hands in water.

Remember, water resistance is tested under static conditions. Wearing a watch which is 50 metres water resistant in water will expose the watch to a much greater pressure than during a 50 metre static test. Therefore the number of metres shown on the watch does not indicate the depth that the watch can be taken to.

Here is a general guide
50M = 5ATM = Shower Proof - it's ok to get it wet a bit.
100M = 10ATM = Extended Water Exposure good for swimming or snorkeling.
200M = 20ATM = Pressure Resistant made for Scuba and Skin Diving.

Q: A 100M watch is surely strong enough on a shallow dive?!
A: No! It isn't because it has not been high pressure sealed. 100M watches are only good for Snorkeling!
Q: What will happen if I try to dive with a watch that is less than 200M Resistant?
A: The watch's seal will be broken, it will flood and break..irrepairably.
Q: So which watch to buy?
A: Think about what you need it for and bear in mind that Scuba Watches (200M) look really cool but tend to be very heavy, which makes them uncomfortable for everyday use.

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  • Oleksii
    SKMEI 1019 water resistant test...
    SKMEI 1019 ваш лучший партнер...

    Стиль часов: спорт
    Цвет часов: хаки
    Цвет ремешка: хаки
    Цвет подсветки: зеленый
    Материал ремешка: ABS пластик
    Материал корпуса: сталь, пластик, прозрачный акрил
    Водостойкость: 5 АТМ
    Отображение даты: есть
    Будильник: есть
    Секундомер: есть
    Максимальная длина браслета: 262 мм
    Диаметр циферблата: 45 мм
    Высота циферблата: 15 мм
    Ширина ремешка: 22 мм
    Вес без упаковки: 66 г.
    Тип батарейки: CR2016 / SR626 SW
    Пол: мужской

    Dec 04,2015

  • Chris
    Perfect Simple Digital Watch
    You cant beat these watches from Skmei for the value. You dont have to worry about losing them or breaking them, and I have broken several expensive watches that would cost $200-$500 just to fix, so....spend your money wisely, get a few of these to have around, extras in the car, backpack, etc. Unless you Scuba dive, you dont need anything else really, no need to buy a Casio at $100 for average use unless you just want a brand name.
    - Simple Interface
    - Comfortable and Light
    - All of the Basic Features you need
    - Price - get more than one
    - None so far

    May 06,2016

  • Артем
    Спортивные часы
    Хорошие китайские спортивные часы ( копировали с сами понимаете кого, но получилось здорово )
    Очень хорошо собраны, ремешок с крепкой застежкой ( сам ремешок из силикона )
    Все кнопки рабочие, все режимы так же функционируют ( будильник, секундомер...), подсветка так же работает
    Батарейка уже установлена, на экране наклеена защитная транспортировочная пленка

    Рекомендую как абсолютно достойную альтернативу дорогим спортивным часам
    на данный момент не обнаружено

    Nov 09,2015

  • Kevox
    Superou expectativas!
    Comprei esse relógio como teste para minha primeira compra na Gearbest. Demorou exatos 20 dias para chegar em minhas mãos (moro no paraná, acredito que isso ajudou a rapidez).
    Sobre o relógio, achei excelente. Tamanho ideal, material de qualidade, totalmente funcional (formato de horas 12/24h, cronômetro, alarme, dia da semana, data e luz). Não testei se realmente é a prova d'água e nem testarei, mas acredito que seja sim. Estou utilizando-o diariamente, inclusive para malhar, e estou achando ótimo! Sem dúvida valeu a pena.

    Dec 17,2018

  • Vitalii
    Незаменимый спутник в походах
    Часы фирмы SKMEI заслуженно считаются качественными и надежными, особо рекламировать их и не надо, в интернете много отзывов о них. Данная модель является практически точной копией Casio G-Shock gw9400 "rangeman", но правая боковая кнопка не выполняет никаких функций. А так очень похожи.
    На руке сидят отлично, не тяжелые. Кнопки нажимаются с легким усилием и это хорошо. В тактических перчатках это делать легко и удобно.
    На мой взгляд единственный минус это короткое время включения подсветки экрана.

    Dec 19,2015

  • Allam
    Skmei 1019
    After several weeks of use:
    The watch is very decent. Good materials, very accurate, its really comfortable in the wrist. The watch have had two strong hits and keeps working properly, without important signals (see pictures). The waterproof is real: I get showers and swim with it and there is no signal of humidity insite de watch.It doesnt make sense it is that cheap. For 6 dollars its incredible its a bargain.

    Jul 05,2016

  • Сергей
    Заказ дошёл быстро ( чуть больше недели ). Часы выглядят очень качественно,ремешок из мягкой резины,а не как в дешёвых китайский подделках под CASIO.Сравниваю со своими CASIO G-SHOCK - большой разницы не вижу.Да,функций меньше ( нет таймера обратного отсчёта и вкл/выкл летнего времени ) , но и будильник,и секундомер,и ежечастный сигнал есть + классная подсветка. Батарейка 2032 ,а не маленькая
    Пока не выявил

    Jun 07,2017

  • Sidnei Lima
    Good Skmei model! big, funcional and waterproof! Shock resistence, Dual-Time, Light mode, I really love it!
    Acredito ser o modelo mais bonita da Skmei, reforçado, resistente a água, anti-shock, dual-time e modo noturno, cronometro, relógio muito bonito e completo!
    Recomendo!!! Envio rápido!

    May 10,2018

  • Ali
    Great Quality watch
    It's build pretty good and looks and feels strong in hand. love the ease of setting it up. and of course the light option when in dark is awesome.

    Love the small plastic box that the watch is inside. It's completely secured and won't break in the process or get damaged. and the box smells pretty good. will definitely order again
    it doesn't really have any Cons that I have noticed.

    Apr 11,2018

  • Johan Garcia
    Muy buen reloj
    No puedes vencer estos relojes de Skmei por el valor. No tiene que preocuparse por perderlos o romperlos, y he roto varios relojes caros que costarían entre $ 200 y $ 500 solo para arreglar, así que ... gaste su dinero sabiamente, obtenga algunos de estos para tener, extras en el auto, la mochila, etc. A menos que bucees, no necesitas nada más, no necesitas comprar un Casio a $ 100 para el uso promedio a menos que solo quieras un nombre de marca. - Interfaz simple - Cómodo y ligero - Todas las características básicas que necesita

    Sep 07,2018

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