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  • John Korkow
    People always ask me where I bought this watch and how much I paid. They cannot believe the price, and they love looking at it and playing with it. Along with the coolness factor (the watch display can be set for several different colors, including a rainbow flashing scheme), this is an extremely comfortable and functional watch. As a sci-fi geek, it rates very high for myself, and as someone who is practical, same thing--- very high ratings. My favorite watch... I think though it is time to make a couple of versions in metal. I would love this as a steel watch!

    Dec 23,2015

  • Gorthaur42
    It's a good watch
    Tells time. Has all the features you'd expect from a digital watch (stopwatch, alarm, backlight, etc).
    Looks pretty dang cool.
    Solid build, the watch body is metal with good paint and the band is nice and thick. The front glass is actually glass, and while the watch face isn't super bright from various angles ( a good thing, as that makes it look less dorky to be wearing a digital watch), it's very readable in any kind of decent light from straight on.
    It's heavier than I expected.
    Mine had a chipped front glass when I got it, but that happened during shipping and may have been a factor of the other items I'd ordered with it. GearBest was very quick to offer me a replacement.

    Oct 22,2015

  • mootaz
    watch hand
    ● Unique cool fighter shaped
    ● Includes back light that you can turn on with the press of the buttons
    ● There is a variety of colors such as red, blue, green, etc.
    ● 2 kinds of time display: 12 / 24 hrs format, also has date display
    ● Suitable for sports, and other outdoor activities
    no problem

    Feb 27,2017

  • roger D.
    Photo does not do watch justice!
    Watch looks much better in person! Kind of Sci-fi look to it. Built sturdy with a LED backlit LCD display makes the time easy to see in low light. You don't need the backlight to read the time in daylight. You can also set the backlight to light with one of several different colors, or flash the colors randomly.
    Perhaps its too unique?

    Aug 06,2015

  • Winner III
    I Love this watch
    Great price and the watch feels and looks great! I love the color change light that i can have cordinate with what i'm wearing easy to use and the strap that it comes with waas not only suprizingly able to fit around my giant wrist but as well it's comfortable you can't beat this price and quality!

    Feb 09,2016

  • kervella florent
    Futurist style with lots of colors, just keep press light button to change, funny
    Band is very flexible, soft, very pleasant
    Very low price
    Easy gift to do
    Pretty big

    Apr 09,2016

  • Bunthoeurn
    The nice watch
    Hello all dear. My name is Bunthoeurn. I really like this product soo much. It's a nice watch and the best price. I recommend all of you to buy this watch for your life style. Thang you...

    Sep 20,2018

  • solly
    Montre digitale sportive
    Montre digitale sportive , qualité peu satisfaisante pour le prix . Les boutons sont tellement de mauvaises qualité qu'on l'entend en les pressant .
    la luminosité n'est pas assez élevée malheureusement .
    GROS POINT NÉGATIF : je l'ai reçu cassé , l'écran était cassé des que je l'ai ouverte !

    Nov 04,2018

    Reloj banda de silicona Sanda P028G LED Digital
    me gusta mucho, se siente bien la silicona al contacto con la mano, al parecer es de buen material.
    mejorar presentacion me vino en una bolsita.

    Feb 29,2016

  • Vector
    The watch is worthy of its price. Good assembly. Many different function. I recommend these wrist watches to you. They are very comfortable.
    Not very easy to use. Complex interface.

    Apr 05,2018