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  • LyinLyon
    I like the fact that it comes in a small size and is easy to pack, I think it is nice that it is all purpose because it has three different settings and can be used in many countries, I bought it because the last time we went overseas we needed to have an adapter to use any electronic device such as hair dryer or a shaver to make them work, Different countries have different voltages that they use for their electric appliances and our daily appliances will not work without an adapter

    Jun 01,2018

  • arlene hurst
    The plug adapter seems to be well built and has the advantage of eliminating the need to carry so many USB chargers, It is important to realize that there is a `` Plug control switch'' in addition to the sliders that push out the appropriate plugs

    Apr 02,2018

  • Tyler J. Bush
    How terrible is it to have to run and find an adaptor when traveling because the outlets are different than what you have at home, Well with this handy dandy little travel companion that will never be an issue again

    Jan 17,2018

  • Tori Thomas
    Just got back from vacation and am happy to report I am very pleased with the adapter's performance, whether I was staying in an older flat or a newer hotel, The four ports were extremely convenient

    Feb 17,2018

  • gregor
    package arrived in perfect condition, way faster than it said in the offer. all items are as described. would deffinetly recomend!

    Jan 08,2019

  • Ana
    Love This charger!
    Always in my bag since i don't use a powerbank.
    Fast charging as promissed.
    Light on weight.

    Jun 15,2019

  • Phylte
    I went to Italy and it worked perfectly for USB charging and it has a plug outlet for small electronics

    Feb 09,2018

  • Akira
    All good
    Excellent Product.
    It arrived in the programmed time.
    I recommend this seller.

    Feb 24,2020

  • Pedro Tutors
    Excelente Custo Benefício!
    Preço Baixo, Muito Top!
    Benefício para Quem Quer Gastar
    Pouco e Com uma
    Excelente Qualidade.
    Sem Contras, pois o Preço Compensa demais.
    Muito Mesmo!

    Jun 27,2018

  • Sérgio
    Produto maravilhoso, gostei muito e recomendo,
    Entrega rápida e com garantia,
    Estou muito feliz por ter a certeza que o produto que eu recebo é realmente o que eu compro

    Jan 25,2019