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  • AurelianT
    Ano (2) Barva: Black
    good fleece, warm face and good air flow
    Priced at just under 3 USD at the time of purchase, this full face mask was an excellent buy. As you can see in the video, it is much more than a balaclava, because first it is made from good quality fleece, so it will insulate as well as a hat, and second it has an additional filter and rubber protection over the mouth and nose, to protect from the strong wind while allowing a good air flow for breathing. Completely ignore the labeling stitched on it, it has no cotton whatsoever, which is actually a good thing. The rubber "grill" is soft and even has a high peak for the nose, while balaclavas do not have that and put a lot of pressure directly on the nose or worse, the eyes if they slip up too high. I bought this for outdoor work during the winter. The material is soft and warm, the stitches are well done and the overall feel is of a quality product. I am quite pleased with this product, very good price/quality ratio.

    Jan 10,2019

  • kilometrix
    Ano (0) Barva: Black
    Excellent mask for short rides
    I use it for several days and I can say that this mask will be helpful when it's slightly cold or windy outside. I'm not shivering anymore after a bicycle ride in the morning. I also was pleased that the mask fit on my head. But the mask absorbs water, so it will be useless during the heavy rain, show or in case you sweat much.Also don't forget to wash the mask before putting it on - the smell inside was unbearable, but after one cycle in the washing mashine all the smell was gone.

    Apr 05,2019

  • billar
    Ano (2) Barva: Black
    Quality is better than expected. The fabric is soft, pleasant. By the size of my big head came up. The front insert is very convenient, just super. I am satisfied with the purchase. Качество лучше, чем ожидал. Ткань мягкая, приятная. По размеру на мою большую голову подошла. Лицевая вставка очень удобна, просто супер. Покупкой доволен.

    Nov 21,2017

  • gio
    Ano (0) Barva: Black
    καουντερ τεροριστ γουιν
    Τοποθετούμε ένα βαθύ τηγάνι σε δυνατή φωτιά.Προσθέτουμε το νερό, τα σκιουφιχτά και αφήνουμε να βράσουν σύμφωνα με τις οδηγίες της συσκευασίας.Βάζουμε τη ρίγανη, το πιπέρι, το ελαιόλαδο και ανακατεύουμε με ξύλινη κουτάλα.Σβήνουμε τη φωτιά, τρίβουμε τη φέτα και ανακατεύουμε.Σερβίρουμε με τη ντομάτα σε κυβάκια, τις ελιές, το κουκουνάρι, το πράσινο μέρος από το φρέσκο κρεμμύδι ψιλοκομμένο, τη ρίγανη, πιπέρι και το ελαιόλαδο.

    Jan 07,2019

  • nice
    Ano (0) Barva: Black
    Stretchable, wind-resistant fleece covering the nose and neck for ultimate in winter protection- With the mesh breathing panel, increasing airflow while minimizing condensation on your goggles- Flat lock stitching for a comfortable fit, can be windproof from every angle of 360 degree- Comfortable to wear and keep your head warm, easy to wash and quick-dry- Suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, skiing, fishing in the cold winter

    Sep 03,2018

  • Alex
    Ano (0) Barva: Black
    Breathable Windproof Headgear Full Face Mask
    I bought it at promotional price, so almost a gift. Great product, good for the material and inside. Its size is optimum, not tight, it does not kick. Protects from cold and strong winds. Color pleasing to the eye. Recommend to everyone for everyday use in winter.

    Feb 04,2019

  • Abraham
    Ano (1) Barva: Black
    very good
    this product is really great, this mask have a great quality and also Smell like candy, very good product for a very good price too, I show a video of how is it and how it works

    Jul 04,2017

  • DimNe
    Ano (0) Barva: Black
    the best mask ever very well protects and insulates from the wind does not sweat and is made of very high quality material that is stretchable and very soft and which fits on everyone's head and look
    I used it for skiing in cold weather and it really helps a lot and I would recommend to everyone to buy this mask because it is extremely good without a single mistake and with all that you have fast delivery. you will not screw up and do not miss this opportunity.

    Aug 09,2019

  • NeoGabber
    Ano (1) Barva: Black
    Cycling Headgear
    Cycling Headgear material. price quality. fast shipping, pakect ok, error in talla gloves. others products is good.
    Cycling Headgear is normal.

    Sep 06,2017

  • Arminas
    Ano (1) Barva: Black
    Quality material and super fast shipping
    Worth every cent. The material is really good, the mask is breathable. Shipment came in 15 days, which is really fast. The packaging was OK. Definitely worth buying if you're looking for reliable SKI mask.

    Dec 12,2018