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  • Moore Young
    What a good pair of shoes!
    This is the fifth day after I got the shoes, I love to wear them more and more!
    It is very comfortable, because the shoes were made of very soft leather and the quality was very high. I like them very much.I am going to buy a pair of black ones and recommend them to my friends. What a good pair of shoes!

    Jul 06,2019

  • Douglas Lynch
    Very suitable.
    This is a hand-made zipper shoe that takes only a few seconds to wear and is very convenient to go out, which is very suitable for my lazy person. The size is also standard and it fits my foot type. I extremely love them!
    Thank you very much for providing me with such good shoes.

    May 15,2019

  • Brian
    They look good and they are great for walking
    I love these shoes, stylish and comfortable. I bought these for a trip to Montreal, the first day, somewhat logically, wearing a pair of walking shoes. I wore these the rest of the week because they made walking easier and my feet happy.

    Sep 07,2018

  • Caesar
    Great shoes
    This is a very comfortable, versatile and stylish shoe. The shoes feel about half size large but with a insole the feeling is improved.
    The leather can be polished which gives them a special appeal.
    Great shoes!

    Sep 06,2018

  • RamFi
    Light and flexible
    Light and flexible shoes, perfect for summer, you will need to add a more comfortable footholds.
    Comfortable to keep on your feet and look respectable for any casual event.

    Mar 20,2019

  • Amos
    Really cool shoes
    I received compliments on the first day of wearing these. I plan to wear them to the office with jeans, dress shirt, and blazer for a business casual look. I like them so much.

    Sep 05,2018

  • Christ
    Five Stars
    Received it today. It is a beautiful pair of shoes. The good thing is the price is also considerably cheaper as the consumer need not pay more.

    Sep 10,2018

  • chaussures de ville
    tres souple
    chaussures tres confortables, la semelle me semble fine, on verra a l'usage...
    La taille est bien celle que j'ai commandée,C'est ma première commande de chaussures sur ce site, j'ai eu peur que les tailles ne soient pas les mêmes qu'ici, mais il n'y a pas de problème

    Nov 18,2019

  • Chad
    Happy with it
    I look for comfort in shoes. These were comfortable. You're fooled because this doesn't feel like great quality.

    Sep 09,2018

  • Tony
    Men's Plus Size Casual Leather Shoes
    casual look, very stylish, comfortable and good value for money. Good quality and nice pair of shoes.

    Nov 16,2018