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  • My Vaping Journey
    Easy to use pod kit, short pod life lends it to use as a flavour tester
    Pros: Everything you need (or might need) except e-liquid is provided in the kit, two pods (big pro). Great flavour (while it lasts) from nic salts, nice finish to the mod (slightly textured to improved grip), slanted pod mouthpiece is perfect for a comfortable vape, the draw is pretty much spot on (not too tight and not too loose) for an MTL device. Needle tip bottle provided to aid filling as the fill hole is small. No leaks or even condensation. No dry hits. Replacement pods are just about the cheapest on the market.

    Cons: Short pod life, after 2-3 ml of nic salts (my regular sweetish dessert flavours) the flavour disappears and so you need to replace with a new one (unless you don't care about flavour). Short effective battery life, works best at full charge and performance drops noticeably after 1-2 hours use (depending on draw frequency). Pods can be tricky to fill, even with the provided bottle as the wicks protrude into the fill area. Tiny unattached fill hole plug, luckily you get two replacements in the kit.

    Summary: I would recommend this kit primarily as a flavour tester as the pods are so cheap you can commit a new (to you) flavour to one of these knowing that initially the flavour from these pods is right up there with the likes of the Innokin EQ and you'll quickly learn whether you like a new flavour or not without commiting an expensive pod to it. Alternatively, this is still a great pod system if you can accept a short pod life (cost per ml of e-liquid is on balance quite comparable with more expensive pods like those for the EQ and Renova Zero, both of which will give you 8-10 ml with the same liquids I use) and the need to recharge often, though the recharge times will be short as you won't be draining the battery fully before recharging (which is good practice anyway if you would like the battery to last a long time overall). The flavour, draw, battery finish and ergonomics are all top notch, costs are low/comparable with other more recent and well regarded systems. Well worth getting and if you do just make sure to buy plenty of replacement pods to keep it on the go and perhaps get two kits. On a final note, whether this kit and the pods are still in manufacture I can't determine, Rofvape's website is gone and there has been no activity on thier Facebook page since late 2017. So get it now, while you can, the turnover in pod systems is high anyway so you can never guarantee supplies for any of them will be around for long.

    May 18,2019

  • RootsVapeTube
    rofvape peas warlock
    good for MTL
    excellent for those that want a cigarette similar experience
    tight air flow
    nice design
    great for stealth vaping
    battery life

    Dec 09,2017

  • Владислав
    Оригинал. Сигарета очень удобная, в кармане помещается просто. Можно держать несколько катриджей с разными вкусами под настроение. Конденсируется влага внутри(особенно если закрыть один обдув.
    На счёт заряда ничего сказать не могу, на работе ноутбук, заряжаю раз на два покура ибо хз зачем)
    Конденсируется влага с глицерином внутри(особенно если закрыть один обдув).
    Если залить слишком "жидкую" смесь, то потечёт по краям.

    Jan 25,2018

  • Random
    Eine tolle Alternative zum Akkuträger, wenn man mal nicht so viel schleppen will. Sehr unauffällig und zurückhaltend. Mit genug Nikotingehalt um 20mg/ml top.
    Würde ich wieder kaufen.

    Oct 21,2018

  • VapeSchipper
    Top Cigalike Perfekt für Umsteiger
    Perfekt für Umsteiger bzw Neulinge im Dampfen Zugverhalten wie eine Zigarette
    genau wie die my von Erl nur mit selbstfüllenden pods!
    Perfekt für zwischen durch wo die schwere dampfe zu viel Platz nimmt.

    Jul 17,2017

  • Raph
    Rofvape PEAS
    Very light, small and easy to use.
    The bottle inside of the package is very useful.
    Battery could last longer, but for the size of the product it is actually nice. You have to be aware of the place you put your fingers, in order to not to block air flow.

    Feb 22,2018

  • RootsVapeTube
    warlock peas
    great option for those that want a cigarette similar experience
    good vapor production
    tight air flow
    nice design
    battery life

    Dec 09,2017

  • jlf
    Really handy device. My all-day now.
    Price really unbeatable.
    Easy charging through in build USB connector
    One pogo pin not so springy anymore. Pod sometimes loses contact to battery

    Apr 04,2018

  • Random
    Super Zweitgerät
    Für Zwischendurch und Orte, wo der Akkuträger zu schwer ist, eine tolle Lösung.
    Laut Beschreibung hat der Akku sogar 400mah.
    Eine Ersatzcap liegt bei.
    Wer Subohm 3-5mg Nikotin dampft, sollte hier um 15-18mg/ml verwenden.
    Bei meinem 50/50 Liquid sifft es manchmal ein wenig.

    Feb 22,2018

  • multy
    warlock peas
    muy buen aparato para quien no se halla con otros tipos de mods, recuerda mucho a la calada de un cigaro con lo cual para quien va a empezar es muy bueno
    no tengo ninguna queja

    Feb 28,2018