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  • Fidel
    Отличная вещь! Был такой когда-то давно, производства СССР, но потерял. По большому счету этот ничем не хуже, разве что только финишной обработкой метала. Рекомендую для выездов на природу.

    Great stuff! Was so long ago, production of the USSR, but lost. By and large, this is no worse, except that only the finishing treatment of metal. I recommend for trips to nature.

    Feb 17,2019

  • Charlie Montealegre
    Leak proof both hot and cold!
    It was smaller than what I expected but the size is perfect for portability. It can hold about 65mL and with its size, it is meant to be carried around to avoid those paper cups. My biggest concern was leakage but it does not leak for both hot and cold drinks. It also comes in this shiny black box, perfect as a gift, no wrapping necessary. I'll definitely get more of this for my friends.

    Nov 27,2018

  • Marius Ovidiu
    stainless steel collapsible cup
    A very useful stainless steel cup that can be collapsible. Can be take in trips just hanged on your belt. You can drink water or other liquids safely. I love it because is small. I recommend for everybody that like trips in nature.

    Mar 30,2019

  • Denis
    Stainless Steel Outdoor Telescopic Collapsible Folding Cup
    A collapsible cup comes in simple cardboard packaging. Steel color, has a diameter of 5cm. For complete decomposition, you need to make a little effort, from a simple swipe the cup will not stand up reliably. There is a carabiner for fastening and a bulge for reliable closure of the lid. A slight scratch was found at the bottom, which does not affect the storage of liquid.

    Apr 22,2020

  • Cup
    Good, but very tiny
    Very practical little folding cup, but very, very tiny indeed. Looks much bigger on the ad.
    I placed it at a cd jewelcase to show its proportions.
    Small enough to fit on a keychain but more than one big sip doesn't fit into.
    Quality seems quite good though.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Dan
    Folding Cup
    It`s good for traveling if you need a cup and it`s occupy very little space. I didn't tested yet.The reason for 4 stars is ...one of the cup has arrived whit the key chain broken.

    May 23,2019

  • Martin V
    Foldable cup
    easy to use, you can wear it always with you on keychain, small size, foldable desing, ideal for camping

    Aug 01,2019

  • Covert Ops
    The Boss loved it!
    Picked this up for my boss... she gets nervous before public speaking and will, in desperate times, take a little nip before the big show... she can keep this in her purse. It's awesome.

    Apr 03,2019

  • D-Lyre
    C'est du gadget, mais super fun
    Vu la taille, c'est vraiment du gadget, mais ça peut dépanner, pas mal non plus pour le camping ou la rando, mais peut-être un peu lourd quand on se soucie du poids total de son sac. Il y a des choses plus fondamentales que cet accessoire. En tout cas, le concept est intelligent et ça le fait!

    Mar 28,2019

  • Dmitry
    Need a bauble!
    3 weeks order received!
    Quality good factory!
    Metal does not bend-strong!
    Now, at the right moment, help out this product!
    Recomend for everybody!

    Mar 31,2019