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  • Router magic
    AX18000 and Chrome Chinese
    Xiaomi Router AX18000
    Good product with all the features but the documentation is a challenge:
    The product manual that comes in the package is in Chinese but it does show the wiring and the external indicators. Then you need Chrome with the 4 Chinese variants added to handle the web interface to the router (see https://www.mi.com/service/miwifi/miwifi1/
    to manage – I couldn’t get Chrome AutoTranslate to work but right-clicking the page brings up the Translate option)

    Support is good once you find out how to access it. (See attached jpg)

    And finally to configure the AX18000 as an AP:
    (1) Connect the mobile phone or computer to the relay router, open the browser and enter to enter the router management interface, and
    click Common Settings—Internet Settings—Work Mode Switch.
    (2) Wired relay: switch to wired relay mode, just follow the steps to set.
    Wireless relay: To switch to wireless relay mode, you need to enter the WiFi name and password of the main router, just follow the steps to set it.

    Jul 23,2020

  • StarDreamer
    Very good router for this price, but some downsides
    This router is very good at doing it's job. For such a price, you could not find better anywhere else. And just a little more than 1 month delivery time.

    But, there were 2 unexpected downsides
    - a minor one is the power supply : this is an us power supply, and seller add you an adapter for your country. But EU adapter is too heavy to be used in any existing socket... .so useless. Hope you have a real adapter, like i had...
    - a big major one is firmware language : as this router is know to be have an international selling, tech sites indicates that firmware is translated in english. This is false !

    Firmware is pure chinese. And the only way to configure router (except via miWifi app, but i don"t whant to register yet-another-account) is to use chrome to translate live internal router web page (need to be connected to internet).
    It works, it's clear, but it's really not efficient nor cool.

    Hope there will be firmware updates with english translations sooner.

    Otherwise, an excellent router.

    Review posted via my AX1800 home router.

    Jul 20,2020

  • Gianluca Losacco
    Nice Router
    Super awesome! From now on, say goodbye to the trouble of disconnecting the Internet, even the farthest bathroom is full of signals! Love you so much! The network speed is super fast, the speed is very good, the appearance is novel, the setting is super simple, the wall penetration is very good, the performance is powerful, the cost performance is invincible

    May 28,2020

  • Ricardo
    Internet problems solved
    I have two units in a mesh network (after upgrading the firmware) and my internet problems: coverage and speed, are completely solved. I have now 200 Mbps (maximum) in the first area and 120 Mbps in the second area of the house (at 5GHz of course).

    Jul 30,2020

  • Attila
    Megérkezett a Xiaomi AX1800. Már nagyon vártam, és nem okozott csalódást: szuper router. Gyors, nagy hatótávolságra eljuttatja a wifi-jelet, tudja a Wifi 6-ot, és az ára ehhez képest fantasztikus.
    Várom a másikat, hogy Mesh_hálózatot tudjak építeni velük. Köszönöm!

    Aug 04,2020

  • Fred88
    Pour remplacer le wifi de la freebox
    Brancher le rj45 sur la box, alimenter. Avec un smartphone installer l'application wifi mi pour rechercher le routeur. Paramétrer le mot de passe wifi et roule ma poule. Fonctionne super bien, je conseille ! Attention la prise est chinoise, il faut un adaptateur pour la France.

    Aug 24,2020

  • Laszlo Beres
    AX1800 Router
    The design is very strong, the pure plastic shell, the weight is very light, if the aluminum alloy shell is perfect! After two days of use, the signal is stable and the network speed is super fast! 140 flat house is no problem through the wall!

    May 28,2020

  • Oscar
    Very good
    Very good router. But this is not for the Swedish contacts that I've ordered.

    Jul 06,2020

  • Andreas Nickel
    Xiaomi AX1800 router
    The appearance is cool, I like it the signal is also good, you can pass through the wall. At the beginning, I did n’t know how to use it. Later, I contacted customer service and solved my problem. Thank you. I recommend this seller

    May 28,2020

  • Paulo Ferreira
    the router didn't take too long to get to me, well packed. it is what I expected. thank you gearbest

    Jun 17,2020