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  • Bob Findler
    Nature Hike 8cm D-shape Carabiner
    Items received in good order, Good value for a small, locking, non-certifiable Carabiner. 4/5 Star rating (read on if curious).

    As cautioned on the package:
    "Not for climbing"

    Be aware, no lateral, stainless steel, cross retention pin in the end of the spring-loaded latch; and no corresponding latch-able notch in the corresponding carabiner's 'C' mating end.

    Accordingly, more a fine-looking, locking carabiner; than a duty-dependable device.

    I advise not to rely upon this device for holding anything valuable with security expectations. Cannot imagine more functionality for the cost, though.

    Good value, overall, keeping my considerations in mind; if the Buyer exercises reasonable use.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Julian
    Good looking functional carabiner
    Very good looking carabiner, with a working lock. The finish on the back and orange paint is flawless. The lock can be secured by friction all the way up (when locked) and all the way down (when unlocked) to prevent the lock from rotating on its own.

    Not really much more to say. It is solid, but obviously not suitable for climbing. It is an accessory. I bought it to hold my arrow puller to my quiver - my set is all black and orange and this carabiner is perfect! (If you know anything about archery you know looks matter... :D)
    Genuinely no cons

    Jun 28,2018

  • Peter
    NatureHike 8cm Carabiner Stainless Steel Made - BLACK
    Great carbine.
    Easy and reliable.
    Very convenient to carry the keys and little things.
    You can always take with you often comes in handy and helps out.
    Good material.
    I recommend.


    Oct 04,2018

  • macmac
    NatureHike 8cm Carabiner
    It looks nice, it's small, cheap and very useful, especially for your keys. It is not intended for professional use (climbing), but it is still worth having at least one such carabiner.
    The knob creaks when opening and closing. It is not intended for professional use (climbing).

    Jan 31,2018

  • krammers
    NatureHike 8cm Carabiner
    Great carbine.
    Easy and reliable.
    Very convenient to carry the keys and little things.
    You can always take with you often comes in handy and helps out.
    Good material.
    I recommend.
    No cons so far.

    Apr 26,2018

  • Mr. white
    Super delicious product.
    I'm using it every day with great pleasure.
    High quality and very easy to operate.
    Deliver fully up to the expectations.
    Can definitely be recommended if this is what you are looking for.
    I have nothing negative to say about this product.

    Dec 08,2017

  • Edgar Lopes
    Naturehike Carabiner
    Faz o que promete. Óptimo para fazer de porta chaves ou para prender pequenos objectos. Leve e fácil de usar. Sistema de fecho funciona muito bem impedindo que se abra inadvertidamente. A pintura dura mas, conforme é de esperar, alguns riscos irão aparecer. As fotos foram tiradas após cerca de 2 meses de uso e a pintura continua 'apresentável'.
    Nada de mais a assinalar.

    Sep 22,2017

  • fuzsik
    Könnyű, szép. A csatlakozó szépen működik, stabil.
    Ár/érték arányban nagyon jó. Túrára, kempingezésre alkalmas. Hegymászáshoz kevés.

    Mar 08,2019

  • Brighton
    Карабин для кемпинга
    Отличные карабины с замком для кемпинга. Алюминий - лёгкий вес , красивый внешний вид. Можно брать на презент кому-нибудь. Мелочь, но приятная! Рекомендую!

    Jan 15,2019

  • Trevor
    Test purchase
    Brought to use to secure items in my firekit/first aid kit/camping backpack it works well to attaching items anywhere you wish, it is stronger than anticipated and the screw mechanism makes the carabiner very secure, not for heavy loads but that is clearly stated. Good product.
    Not to be used for heavy items but that is clearly stated so no problems

    May 26,2018