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  • Sheyla-Tumbes-Peru
    4 Port Mini USB 2.0 Hub for- 4 puertos USB 2.0
    Me encanta mucho este producto, llego en el tiempo esperado, en un empaque adecuado para que no se dañe durante el traslado. Funciona hasta el momento correctamente, lo he probado en la laptop y notebook, he podido conectar el mouse inalámbrico, usb, el cargador del móvil, el celular, hasta el cable para el enthernet por medio de un conector con usb. La verdad que según el costo es de buena calidad, cumple mis expectativas.

    I love this product, I arrive in the expected time, in a suitable packaging so that it does not get damaged during the transfer. It works so far correctly, I have tried it on the laptop and notebook, I could connect the wireless mouse, usb, the mobile phone charger, the cell phone, to the cable for the enthernet through a USB connector. The truth that according to the cost is of good quality, meets my expectations.

    Oct 03,2018

  • 4 Port Mini USB 2.0 Hub for Laptop PC High Speed 4
    4 Port Mini USB 2.0 Hub for Laptop PC High Speed 480Mbps Black
    Product meets all requirements!
    Very good quality product!
    Shipping was very fast and well packed!
    I recommend it to my friends!

    Jul 12,2018

  • Владимир
    Фейковый usb хаб
    Фейковый хаб - тупо соеденили параллельно 4 порта и всё... Ни одной детальки для обеспечения логики и питания. При подключении 2го устройства оба не видны.
    Шлак. Очень короткий шнур

    Jul 04,2018

  • yash
    usb computer hub
    usb hub very fast 4.0
    very gud working
    gud packaging
    very useful
    buy anyone this product
    usb hub very fast

    Jul 30,2018

  • Kristof Konorot
    I can not tell any pros for this product because it is not even usable this way.
    It is not an usb hub.
    Its still usable as a charging hub if nothing else.
    not even working, only as usb extender with one port because the usb controller is missing and all the ports are directly wired to the cable.

    Jul 26,2018

  • Cristian Pastro
    Fulfill what you promise, it's worth it. You can buy without fear as it is a worthwhile product.
    It fulfills what it promises, it is very good. It's worth it if you have missing USB ports on your computer. It is worth the commendation and it is
    Nothing against, fulfills what it promises. Worth it and recommended

    Jul 12,2018

  • Gear Best User
    4 Port Mini USB 2.0 Hub
    Simples, barato, muito fácil de usar. Não se pode pedir mais pelo preço. Recomendo para uma utilização esporádica.
    Plásticos fracos, cabo frágil.

    Jul 24,2018

  • Subrata sardar
    Not connected simultaneously
    it didn't work simultaneously keyboard mouse and pendrive.. it works as single input either pen drive or mouse or keyboard.. i didn't find any use of it..
    not work simultaneously

    Jun 09,2018

  • jack
    USB hub
    USB hub is small.
    Good price of product.
    There are four USB ports.
    The cable is long enough.
    USB hub is light.
    No cons

    Aug 10,2018

  • opifas
    Nice product
    A really nice product. Works good so far. The only problem is that my PC doesn't recognize my phone when linked through it, but charges it anyway.

    Sep 20,2018