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Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě
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Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě

- Černá 300 x 700 x 2 mm 269891602

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    Přeprava mezi: Jun 26 - Jun 28, Odhadovaná doba přepravy: pracovní dny Zpracování objednávky může trvat několik dní. Po expedici ze skladu závisí doba přepravy (resp. dodávky) na zvoleném způsobu dopravy.
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* Navržené hráči, skvěle použitelné pro herní a kancelářské práce.
* Tloušťka = 2 mm
* Podporuje plnohodnotnou klávesnici s více než dostatečným prostorem pro myš.
* Nízké tření: hladký povrch pro SPEED a CONTROL.
* Protiskluzová gumová podložka.
* Přenosný s látkovým povrchem.
* Optimalizováno pro různé myšové senzory a citlivost.



Typ: Podložka pod myš
Materiál: Tkanina,Guma

Rozměry a hmotnost

Hmotnost balení: 0,2880 kg
Velikost balení (D x Š x H): 30,00 x 2,00 x 2,00 cm / 11,81 x 0,79 x 0,79 palce

obsah balení

obsah balení: 1 x Podložky pod myš

Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě- Černá 300 x 700 x 2 mm

Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě- Černá 300 x 700 x 2 mm

Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě- Černá 300 x 700 x 2 mm

Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě- Černá 300 x 700 x 2 mm

Netisknutelná podložka pod myš s mapou na světě- Černá 300 x 700 x 2 mm

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  • Fountain-head
    Perfect placemat for your tech equipment
    I thought I was quite insane for purchasing such a lobster-Bibb-sized placemat for my tech accessories ... until I rolled it out and started using it. Now, it’s like ... why didn't I do this sooner!? Why did I purchase several Amazon Basic foam pads that all curled-up within the first week of usage? No more mouse wandering over the edge of a folded-napkin-sized cheesy mousepad ... now my ENTIRE workspace is covered in a Geography lesson that was missing from my American public school education. The gray tone of this pad is easy on the eyes. The hemmed edges are curl-resistant. Yes, it arrived rolled ... but thankfully it is rolled with the top facing outward which reverse curls on the desktop.

    Jul 20,2018

  • M. Elfrink
    Mouse Pad Looks good, high quality, grips desk, My mouse works smoothly with it.
    This is an Excellent mouse pad! Best mouse pad I ever owned. It measures 31 inches wide by 11.75 inches tall. The mouse pad has a very good printed cylindrical projection world map. The mouse pad material is great for laser or optical mice. My mouse has never worked so smoothly, and mouse pointer precision is very high. The back has a black rubber-like surface that grips to the desk and doesn't slide. My mouse never skips with this wonderful mouse pad. Looks good with my black mouse and black keyboard. Printing on the mouse pad is very sharp and top notch. I will buy more for another desk and for friends.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Brandon
    Get it, its a great product that is exactly as advertised
    Perfect for my needs:
    -looks amazing, high detail and unlike others, mine displays the whole world map, nothing cut off or missing.
    -high-quality materials and craftsmanship
    -easy to clean, I spilled some salsa on it the first day I used it, a damp rag and some soap took care of it, seems a bit water resistant too since I noticed the liquid beaded up
    -good grip on the back, doesn't move and the surface is soft but not "latchy" or "slippery", mouse tracks well on it and seems like it will have a long shelf life (not going to wear any time soon)

    Jun 15,2018

  • HellFrozeOver
    Extremely Nice - Well Made - Super Large Mouse Pad - Matches My Desktop Background
    I have this map on my three desktop monitors at work and have been asked by a few people where I got it but then I find this same map on a super large mouse pad and I just had to have it. The first order was not sent to UPS in time, so Amazon sent a replacement. Today I received both of them, and after opening the first package, I decided I want to keep them both ... one for home and one for work.

    The pad is thick, seems very well made and I am ecstatic to have two of them. Now I know people at work will be wanting one of these once I take it in and lay it on my desk.

    Jul 08,2018

  • Alex
    Greatest World Map Gaming Mouse Pad
    The Mouse Pad is awesome! I am always running the mouse off my pad. When I saw this on GB, I was intrigued. The price was really good, so I ordered it. I have to tell you, I love this thing. There is no way I will ever run the mouse off the pad!! Plus it has caused me to 1) clean my desk off and 2) quit eating at my desk! I sure don't want to get it dirty. I chose the world map because the word has changed so much since I had geography in school that I am honestly challenged in that area. It is soft and comfortable. It is just perfect and looks really good on my desk. What fun! Thank you for this.

    Jan 03,2019

  • Panagiotis
    Gaming Portable Mouse Pad-non-slip Rubber Base - BLACK 400 X 900 X 2MM 2
    * Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work.
    * Thickness = 2mm
    * Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for mouse.
    * Low Friction: Smooth surface for SPEED and CONTROL.
    * Anti-slip rubber base.
    * Portable with cloth surface.
    * Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities.

    Jul 15,2018

  • Miguel Campos
    It does it's job
    This is the best mouse pad I ever had.

    It's big, unlike the normal mouse pads.
    It's made of some kind of cloth, unlike the normal mouse pads.
    It has some anti split rubber behind it.

    The size might not be what you expect, check the real measures.
    The world map is blurry, names and frontiers are very hard to reas

    I would recommend it, because it does it's job. Good quality although the poor image.

    Oct 31,2018

  • Maycon-pasteizer informatica
    otimo produto, barato e duradouro
    acho otimo todos os produtos especialmente esse.
    compro sempre e revendo para meus clientes
    o produto chegou rapido e sem danos
    nao tenho nada a reclamar.
    compro e sempre comprarei

    I think every product is especially good.
    I always buy and review for my clients.
    product arrived fast and undamaged
    I have nothing to complain about.
    I buy and always buy
    nao a contras
    no the cons

    Aug 11,2018

  • Jyohomson
    I switched to this keyboard after trying different ergonomic keyboards for years, i found that my fingers felt more fatigued from using many ergonomic keyboards because they generally would be pushed into positions where they had to exert more force for keystrokes especially when there wasn't a quick click for key pushes, responsive keyboard that gives affirming clicks based on light pressure

    Sep 07,2018

  • Avocado Chicago
    Good price for keyboard and mouse but the keyboard's keys have flat, you are typing a book and your hands stay on the keyboard you'll probably be fine, in my application the mouse is used most of the time and the keyboard is used to type a few words occasionally while your eyes stay on the screen, those slick top keys make it hard to hit `` home key'' position without looking which leads to typos and backspacing

    Sep 17,2018

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