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  • Janice M. Navarijo
    Multiple settings and timers/pauses very handy feature,i love the different settings and I really did notice that my teeth were whiter and my mouth felt so much cleaner,and I think that might be the best part

    Aug 06,2018

  • Melissa Whitehead
    I really feel the difference between the different settings,and when used with the proper whitening toothpaste you get really fast results

    Jun 20,2018

  • Bri Reilly
    It's gets my teeth so much cleaner and it has so many great settings for one toothbrush,for the longest time I just had it on whitening

    Oct 29,2017

  • Noel wells
    Makes my teeth feel better than my manual brush,kind of makes it feel cheaper but at the price point that is expected

    Mar 08,2018

  • Craig A Schilperoort
    Me teeth feel clean and rejuvenated,the price is outstanding and compared to high end sonic brushes there will be

    Oct 24,2017

  • me again
    We love the different power settings,my husband has sensitive teeth and there is a setting for that

    Apr 09,2018

  • Jill Crenshaw
    I have used this for several months now,excellent battery and decent power for the price

    Nov 13,2017

  • J. Matlock
    After using it for the first time,effective cleaning for a really reasonable price

    Feb 07,2018

  • Tcustomer
    Easy to use and I love the timer that tells you how long to brush your teeth

    Oct 24,2017

  • Mirage Kai
    Nice and small with a few different settings

    Jul 16,2018