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  • Maimon
    shower head
    The shower head is really good and cool, the water flow is really strong and efficient, a full color changer, my kids really enjoyed and loved all the colors that change, it's fun to shower with, very pleasant body, really a quality massage you get in every shower you make, very recommended to buy

    Jan 16,2019

  • Fernando
    The LED Anion Shower Head
    The LED Anion Shower Head will change your shower to a SPA experience. Mineral stones and anion stones help to purify water and neutralize PH. The bath water will purer and healthier. 7 LED colors will change, mixing light and water, giving your a more pleasure bath, especially for children. 

    Nov 21,2018

  • Paul
    я в шоке, она светится как солнце!
    все в огне, лучше не придумаешь, батарейки не нужны!
    лейка супер, качественная, красивая, надежная, светится всеми цветами переменно. Особенно красиво в темноте и свет не нужен, светить ярче солнца! Дети в восторге и вся семья!

    Aug 26,2018

  • Rajzen
    nice and usefull
    It has blinking led that changes colour every time. And very good stream.
    Also other ppl thinks its cool. I am Very happy with it.

    Jul 11,2019

  • tsour
    amazing very good product i recommend it unreservedly unbelievable is the best in its category and quality of manufacture excellent

    Jan 20,2019

  • Paul
    шикарная лейка
    лейка просто бомба, беру уже 2ую для друзей, качественная, красивая, стильная, надежная, плюс в ней еще встроенный фильтр для смягчения воды, Вообщем рекомендую, доволен как слон!

    Oct 18,2018

  • tecumseh and helena
    7 Color Shower
    I like all its colors it’s fun. It changes colors depending on the water’s presion, the more it has of presion the more color there is. Since I have this shower my skin is much more bloody I have practically no problem

    Apr 14,2019

  • corcho56
    LED 7-color Changing Anion Shower Head
    I chose my raiting because I ´m very satisfied with this product
    ,Well made , original design , good quality materials , and very reasonably priced
    i would recommend this product

    Mar 30,2019


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    Apr 29,2019

  • alejandro guelfand
    i love my new reign cold water shower because every time i shower everyday i have a party in my soul is like being in a disco

    Jan 30,2019

  • Smotis
    Super telephone
    Téléphone reçu dans les temps maigres la période de fêtes , il est absolument génial , l’écran est magnifique et ne rame pas du tout .A recommander fortement.

    Jan 07,2019