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  • Samuel Bloor
    The product was very well made and I really liked how small and convenient it was it fit and its own little small bag with a handle which was really nice it's awesome that you can hook up really anything to it whether it's a phone a DVD player sound system SD card USB really anything awesome picture is amazing sound is decent if it's outside you'll want an additional speaker would definitely recommend to friend and family

    Dec 18,2017

  • P. Dennis Mitchell
    The second dial that adjusts the keystone correction is a HUGE feature adjusted the `` slanted/skewed'' look that you get if the projector is lower or higher than the vertical mid-point of the surface you point it at, i watch in a dimly lit room but it is acceptable quality and watchable with a light on - my ceiling light is right in front of it and the picture is still decent when it's on, best for its price range

    Aug 23,2017

  • Charles Casterline
    All projectors work well on dark rooms but this one works on low lighted rooms too, it works great and this price is worth to buy, the projector is sturdy and it doesnt feel cheap, the image quality is great you will be surprised by how bright it actually is, nicr color saturation and decent contrast for this price, this is a amazing projector for the money

    Apr 08,2018

  • Gerald Morrison
    The picture quality is pretty good for its price range, i am able to view the image with my lights on, for best picture quality it is in a dark room, i have this projector setup in my basement with my surround sound for occasional movie night with the family, it worked good for this price range, this is s pretty good projector

    Jan 03,2018

  • Garrett Coppick
    Currently using my window shade as a screen and the picture quality is very good when the room is dark, plan on purchasing a Vankyo screen soon which I'm sure will greatly improve the picture quality/resolution, after hooking up to external speakers it's now great, great price for an awesome product

    Jan 16,2018

  • Billie bess
    It's a great projector with a very clear display that obviously is a lot better when it's dark, i've had this projector now a week and I couldn't be happier with my purchase, for the price I surely did not think I would get such a great picture and incredible sound

    Dec 15,2017

  • Joshua Conti
    Sometimes I just want to have a chill movie night in and because I have this handy, the picture quality is great, it focuses really well and the brightness sure is a plus, i definitely would recommend this item to any spontaneous movie watchers

    Sep 17,2018

  • graphicfunk
    Loving this projector ~ it's larger than my previous projector, picture quality is sharp & bright, glad I purchased it before they increased the price, guess with all the positive reviews, color is good, really don't need any extra speakers

    Aug 20,2018

  • Aaron shoultz
    It is bright and has really good colors, it's got a great build quality and runs very quiet, the internal speakers are pretty good, i don't think I've been happier with a purchase in a long while, your looking for a good budget projector

    Sep 21,2017

  • Addam S
    This projectors have high resolution which is really clear for movies, good picture even with some light creeping into the room, there is no much noise come from projector compare to other, much better quality than I expected

    Apr 23,2018