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  • jke
    Could be better, random build quality
    Bought these "i2000 tws" because I wanted to upgrade from my previous i10 tws which I had bought in late 2018, so I am comparing them to the i10 TWS. One of the main reasons I disliked the i10 TWS is their frequent connection loss. These i2000 are said to connect to the phone on two channels, which is very promising. Packagingi2000 TWS: Very cheap, no paper roll for the cable. It looks much cheaper than the i10 TWS. Also the reading on the side differs from what is usually shown in videos online. Connectivityi10 TWS = open Bluetooth settings, wait, search, connect. Frequent connection losses, sometimes only one headphone is connected. The routing is from the phone to one side (left) and then from that left headphone to the right one.i2000 TWS = pop-up on iPhone with battery reading for each headphone and the box. Quickly reconnects. My iPhone 6S only has BT 4.2, so I can't judge this on BT 5.0 devices. Connectivity alone is very good. Each headphone connects alone. Instant connectivity, maybe less than 2 seconds. Also pauses music when removed from the ears. I like it. Build qualityOh well. The i10TWS are really beautiful clones. The i2000 not so much. The build quality is really cheap. Sharp edges here and there, feels bulkier. I don't know if they installed a better battery or just added a piece of metal to increase the weight, but the i2000 weigh 47gr with the box, the i10 just 36gr. The black dot is just a black dot. Soundi2000 TWS: It's ok if you're not audiophile. The bass is really very strong, so it's best suited for electronic music. Guitar music - hmm, not so much. It's very mellow in the middle range. Almost no highs. Sound on the i10 TWS wasn't also THAT good, but also not that bad. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate the i10 TWS on a 5/10, the i2000 on 4/10. The Sound on the cabled Apple MD827 headsets is much better, of course. Whatever is labeled as "i2000", if these are the clones of other clones - I don't know. The price is ok. Quick delivery to Europe within a few days. What I like1. The button on the back is convenient for resetting and connecting these headphones.2. Lightning instead of USB-C: Clearly meant for iPhone users. No extra cable required if you have an iPhone/iPad.3. Hassle-free connectivity. Could they be better? Yes, of course.1. The sound should improve. The i10 demontrate that it is possible to have less bass / hearable highs. 2. The build quality has to improve.3. Less confusing versions. Not inflation on the numbering system. And stick to a consisting labeling. What you order and what you receive is just totally random.4. The manual is for any i XXXX TWS, not for this particular model. So it tells me that the numbering system is just random marketing that doesn't tell us much.

    Nov 04,2019

  • Jun
    Für den Preis ein guter Artikel
    Für den Preis kann man eigentlich nichts falsch machen. Die Kopfhörer verbinden Sicht nach dem Aufklappen mit dem Handy und es gibt das typische Popup Fenster bei iPhones. Batterielaufzeit sehr gut nach den ersten paar Zyklen. Tonqualität ist ordentlich und kann mit Equalizern noch verbessert werden. Pluspunkte:+ sehr schöne Farbe (matt schwarz)+ guter Klang+ guter Preis+ gute Verarbeitung + gute Batterielaufzeit Einige Kritikpunkte gibt es aber trotzdem:- es ist ein Magnet gegen das zuklappen des Cases verbaut, heißt man muss beim rausholen der Kopfhörer immer einen Finger dazwischen klemmen- die Kopfhörer lassen sich nicht umbenennen, sie bleiben also als i2000 angezeigt - die Mikrofonqualität ist leider nicht zu gebrauchen. Viele Beschwerden diesbezüglich gehabt, weshalb die Kopfhörer zum telefonieren ungeeignet sind

    Nov 19,2019

  • Anna
    Great value!
    This product is great value for the price! The first pair of TWS was the i60 and compared to the i2000 they are okay. The i2000s feel like better quality and I dare to say that they are rather worth the money! The sensor works perfectly well, I could even edit their name to “Anna’s AirPods” and the bass sounds great! The sound is clear and the microphone seems to be working fine. The battery life is also great! They deliverd them 6 days before the earliest expected date of delivery! I don’t have the real Airpods (gen 2), however, the measurements seem to be very similar, if not identical!

    Jan 24,2020

  • Burak Cic
    Gute preisgünstige Airpods
    Ich hatte die Airpods auf YouTube gesehen und habe sie mir sofort bestellt nach dem ich gesehen habe, dass es lediglich knappe 30euro kostet. Anfangs war ich misstrauisch und habe nicht viel erwartet für 30 Euro. Ich habe die airpods jetzt seit ca. 2 Wochen und bin positiv überrascht. Der Sound ist gut auch der Akku hält gut. Lediglich ist der eingebaute Mikro nicht besonders gut wodurch es sich nicht fürs lange telefonieren eignet. Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen das sich die Airpods aufjedenfall für den Preis lohnen,kann es nur weiter empfehlen!

    Jan 21,2020

  • Jacopo
    Very good airpods style earphones
    they feel good in the hands, little and with a good grip.matching is fast, sometimes they disconnect by their own but is something very rare to happen so nothing frightening.sound is great, it lacks a little bit in bass but you can enjoy any type of music.when you put it on they are so light and comfortable.I reccomend it to everyone, pros are definitely more than cons and for this price they are a great deal.

    Feb 01,2020

  • SIFU
    Ganz Okey
    Kabellos Laden funktioniert einwandfrei Design schön bearbeitet (Linkes Ohr sitzt etwas komisch) Eventuell sitzen andere besser !!!Popup bei Apple Kopplung einwandfrei Sensor funktioniert manchmal nicht wenn man sie aus dem Ohr raus tut. Akku - Geht so wird zu schnell leer (Schade) Klang Qualität ist ganz Okey Bass könnte mehr sein kaum da. Werde sie noch weiter hin testen und berichten.

    Nov 14,2019

  • Gian Luca Demontis
    Arrivate in circa 10 giorni, si presentano molto bene. L’audio niente male ( lasciando stare i bassi che sono molto scarsi), l’unico vero problema è l’indicatore di batteria con il popup che da valori un po’ a caso il 90% delle volte. Considerando il prezzo nonostante questo problema le consiglio

    Jan 30,2020

  • Andrea
    Almost like the originals.
    I like it because it works really well, it pairs instantly with my iPhone like the real ones, the only thing that I don’t like is the touch button because it doesn’t work like the original, you can only access to Siri with the touch button.

    Jan 25,2020

  • Michele
    Sono arrivate in 10 giorni dalla spedizione come previsto e appena prese è stato necessario solo riavviare per un problemino di audio, per il resto funzionano a meraviglia e hanno anche dei massi magnifici per il prezzo, veramente soddisfatto

    Jan 31,2020

  • Fab
    excellent headphones, well built in materials excellent solidity. wireless charging works, slightly out of sync for movies but excellent audio quality, good bass

    Feb 06,2020