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  • Sid Whittier
    Signal distribution is excellent
    It has one input and 2 outputs to display a single signal on multiple screens. Signal distribution is excellent. Multiple TVs in different rooms can be connected using this splitter and content can be played without any issue. Setup is very easy. Only multiple HDMI cable needs to be connected. Which isn’t hard. Highly recommend this product. Things are simple, easy to use. It works well for connecting my TV and multiple monitors from the 1080 video card, which has only one HDMI port. The image and sound quality are quite good. Solve me a lot of troubles and hope it can last for a long time.

    Aug 13,2019

  • Cliff Moses
    works really well
    It is an awesome tool, works really well. This product is small and easy to set up. It does exactly what is advertised with no issues so far and works seamlessly. I wish I would have bought another one of the more expensive switches that was used originally. This allows me to send my sources to a monitor, TV, and a projector that we use outside in good weather for movie nights. It cuts down on constant cable switching. The installation is very convenient, the great design!

    Jul 30,2019

  • Tammy Eugen
    awesome tool
    My TV only has one HDMI connection so it was becoming annoying to have to switch cables when I wanted to use my Xbox or Fire Stick. This item removed this hassle perfectly with just a click of a button situated on the top of the device. It works faultlessly.

    Aug 12,2019

  • Jacob Steinbeck
    Great Great Great
    I needed an HDMI splitter to divert output from a Sky Q box to the TV and to a recorder. The whole thing is solidly well made. Important as you will be hiding it near the TV. But most important It Works. Just Plug and Go.

    Aug 22,2019

  • Pag Eugene
    The splitter works great
    The splitter works great. It was a good price. The picture quality is great. The switch to change input is easy to use.It does everything I need it to.

    Aug 25,2019

  • Marjorie Yeates
    feeling good
    after plugging in, the display screen works well, the color looks different than before, in a word, the feeling is OK.

    Aug 19,2019

  • Faithe Sally
    great adapter
    great adapter .it's much better than the one before my house

    Sep 02,2019