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Dotyková citlivost Led Desktop Makeup Mirror
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Dotyková citlivost Led Desktop Makeup Mirror

- USB černá 16 světla

Please refer to English description
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Kategorie produktu: Stolní zrcadlo
Materiál rámu: ABS
Materiál objektivu: Stříbrné zrcadlo
Příležitosti k dárkům: Obchodní dárky, plánování vztahů s veřejností, veletrhy, zaměstnanecké výhody
Použití dárků: doplňte


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Hmotnost balení: 0,2000 kg

Obsah balení

obsah balení: 1 x Makeup Mirror

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  • jef3r
    I thought these lights were going to be bigger in size but to my surprise they were so small,as I went and put them up around my room they really packed a punch and gave the room a cool ambiance where my previous lights gave the room a warm tone,i would totally recommend this to anyone who lives inside their room it makes it much calmer and it will literally light your whole room with no issues what so ever and they are so easy to install that this brand is probably what I would go for from now on because it is just so wonderful

    Dec 11,2018

  • Andrew S.
    I just received this light strand today,i bought these to replace a set of incandescent rope lights which sit atop my kitchen cabinets as indirect lighting,warm light now,i can not speak to longevity or quality yet as it is too early to tell,i can tell you that I initially ordered a similar product in `` pure white'' and the temperature of the light was so much cooler than my cree led can lights that the strand looked cool blue by comparison

    Nov 12,2018

  • Eric M jenkins
    I have only tested the lights and remote to make sure everything works and it was just as described,these led string lights are very bright at full power but the remote allows dimming in steps,i had one suggestion for the manufacturer it would be to allow the remote to step down the light level a few more steps or incorporate the ability to dim the light continuously from off to full brightness

    Nov 12,2018

  • S. Townsend
    Really good and bright lights,it is amazing that all those lights roll up into such a small,the extension cord and plug attached to the light is black and stands out so I will probably spray paint it to blend with my walls,the lights are so bright and I can have it on during the day so I have a shining heart in my dining room without having to worry so much about energy usage with all the led lights

    Nov 27,2018

  • Skylar A.
    They are just what I hoped for ... while the thin wire can be a little annoying to string out and place,the long life of led bulbs and low energy costs make them the most practical way to light a staircase,(and the long length makes it possible to place lights horizontally as well as vertically at critical spots with a fairly standard sized staircase between floors

    Dec 02,2018

  • mackvet
    I use this on my patio and it gives a very nice ambient light,we first tried a commercial light bulb string,it was way too bright (even with a dimmer) and also looked very bulky,this led string is hardly visible (the copper wire I mean),when it is turned on in the dark it makes these nice warm fairy lights,just perfect for our porch

    Nov 10,2018

  • Hawkmoth
    Awesome lights couldn't be happier for what they are,it's white light and pretty bright for small light,the battery is rechargeable,make sure you turn the switch to on when the first time you use and fully charge the lights,i am very pleased with othway led solar lights,it's a great quality product at a reasonable price

    Dec 04,2018

  • Greg Griffin
    Most solar led lights are so dim they're worthless but these are great,the plastic cover's dimpling shape really refracts the light and looks classier than other solar lights,some directly shaded by tree branches and the recharge is fantastic even then,price is great and they are above my expectations

    Nov 02,2018

  • Walter F.
    The lights work very well im very pleased with them I added a led light with them that changes colors and also the duration and look great in our back yard next to swimming pool highly suggest using them a very inexpensive way to improve the ambiance around your yard and pool area

    Nov 16,2018

  • liam wood
    The light is so soft and soothing,the color change is subtle and adds that last little touch of ambiance,its about the size of an outlet but changes colors and soft to the touch,my four year old asked to take out her two other night lights and keep this one only

    Dec 11,2018

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Buďte PRVNÍ, kdo se zeptá. Chcete GB body? Stačí napsat recenzi!

Buďte PRVNÍ, kdo se zeptá. Chcete GB body? Stačí napsat recenzi!

Buďte PRVNÍ, kdo se zeptá. Chcete GB body? Stačí napsat recenzi!

Buďte PRVNÍ, kdo se zeptá. Chcete GB body? Stačí napsat recenzi!

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