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  • Ms Rebecca L Hitchens
    Cooked steak and chicken this weekend at the same time and both came out perfectly because of the accuracy of the probes,the main unit gives you a clean and clear display,have used the device the last two weekends and could not be happier with it,i had another unit from a diferent manufacturer that had the probes stop after they got to hot,these seem to be much sturdier so I don't expect that to happen with this unit

    Oct 04,2018

  • Elizabeth A. Christie
    The remote feature is perfect for grilling (especially in the winter) as you don't need to stand right next to the grill to see how your food is progressing,this dual probe unit should work out good for him,we set it up and tested both probes with hot and cold water from the kitchen sink,everything worked as it should and the probes seemed to be very accurate

    Dec 31,2017

  • Mscore
    Great product and use it right out of the box the first use was to grill two fiilets and they came out perfect I will be using my smoker to smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork in the next couple of days and I expect that the thermo pro will supply me with accurate temperatures I am completely satisfied with my purchase

    Nov 26,2017

  • Leanna Hostetler
    Far this thermometer has been spot on and everything that I have cooked has been consistent every time,the keypad on the unit is pretty simple to figure out so I didn't bother reading the how-to instructions other than the `` what-not-to-dos''',i am very satisfied with this product so far

    Aug 26,2018

  • klduches
    One to monitor the grate temp and the other to monitor the meat temp,having the remote saved me so much time from having to continuously go to the smoker to check the temperature,you can set a high temp alert on the remote which will beep when the temp is exceeded

    Jul 17,2018

  • Michelle O'Keefe
    Having the ability to see my pit temperatures remotely & accurately without needing to open the door to look at an oven thermometer is a great feature and important when trying to maintain the low temps necessary to produce awesome barbecue

    Aug 16,2018

  • Rebecca Green Watson
    Works good in the oven and would recommend the product to anyone that is looking to monitor their cooking,hi-lo smoker temp alarm is the most important feature of any unit like this because smoker temp control is the root of a successful smoke

    Oct 05,2018

  • J kahl
    I have used the product for the past several months with my kamado joe grill doing everything from ribs to pulled pork to prime rib to beef brisket and it has been flawless.the number of steps it eliminates going out to the grill is fantastic

    Mar 09,2018

  • Lauren Najari
    He also liked the second monitor that he could take with him to check on the temperature or how much longer it needed to be in the oven without having to run in all the time to check the inside monitor,great value in thermometer for the price

    Dec 04,2017

  • Awlopez
    I remember correctly and they can be used singly or at the same time,there's a base unit with connecting probes and a wireless unit,a wire help stand the wireless unit up and a wire clip fastens the other unit at the grill

    Feb 15,2018