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  • Nicole Marion
    EDUP R102 gave me major speed increases.
    I couldn't be more pleased. I replaced my old router that was about 6 years old. I always just assumed that my slow internet speeds were due to my ISP, and I was continually having my cell phones drop off the wifi and long buffering while streaming TV. Now with the EDUP R102, my internet speed are coming to 300M high-speed transmission. I have not had any dropped WIFI from my phones and virtually no buffering on my TV's.
    As a test, I tried to load it up. I was streaming 2 Fire Stick TV's with HD movies, 2 cell phones and 1 iPad with YouTube HD videos at the some time. It handled it perfectly. I was truly amazed.
    Set up was a breeze. I am not a networking guru, I just used all the basic features of the EDUP, and was up and running in about 10 minutes. I should have upgraded a long time ago!

    Apr 12,2019

  • MarK
    Comprato su segnalazione di una rivista specializzata. Arrivato coi soliti tempi biblici. Acquistato per poter usare una SIM iliad su rete HSUPA+. All’interno c’è un adattatore ITA per l’alimentatore (ovviamente spina cinese) ed un kit di adattatori per SIM. Funziona con microSIM.

    Qualche difficoltà all’avvio poiché arriva settato su lingua cinese e per trovare il comando di switch della lingua è stato difficoltoso. C’impiega molto tempo ad agganciare il segnale ed è comunque necessario impostare l’APN dell’operatore.

    Dopo averlo settato correttamente funziona egregiamente! Ed ha anche una discreta potenza (ho 6 ambienti disposti su 2 livelli in una casa fatta in pietrame ed il segnale è sempre ottimo).

    Vale ogni centesimo!

    May 26,2019

  • Suzanne Bush
    My Internet Just Got a Big Boost
    Let me tell you - This is a BEAST. The EDUP R102 and holy moly. Every device attached with no issues. No disconnects after multiple days use. Speed improvement on every item. I have 38 devices accessing my wifi as part of the smart home. This monster just cranks it out. No problems at all. The speed is about 280-330M. I am not sure why its such a huge improvement but it is. I cannot say enough good things about this router. Not only it is a monster with handling speeds and multiple devices - just look at it. It is not one you want to hide. You want to show this router off.
    If you are looking for a powerful router for your home, I would totally recommend this!

    Apr 22,2019

  • Ada Malory
    Quality made - Outstanding performance
    Easy installation. The router is well built - heavy duty. I am getting great reception throughout my larger house - full bars everywhere. Consistently great speeds when tested. Great speeds even at other end of house. Also,the concurrent speeds of our devices (when they are all in use at the same time), seems much faster and more stable.
    Buy with confidence if you have a larger more spread out home and have many online devices. It will deliver a strong signal and great speeds.

    Apr 17,2019

  • Daisy O'Neil
    Installation and setup was pretty simple and I'm not computer tech
    It was definitely time to replace my old router. I've had this one a week and so far it seems to be a big improvement over my previous. Installation and setup was pretty simple and I'm not a computer tech. I estimate it took about 15 minutes. It solved my disconnect issues. I have 17 devices in my house that can connect to the internet and it isn't too uncommon for 8 of them to be connected at once with up to 5 of those streaming a movie or video game.

    Apr 25,2019

  • Camille Jennings
    Very much worth the money!
    This router kicks butt! We are getting 300 Mbps in all areas of the house, fast and stable. The speed of data transfer is awesome and I'm extremely pleased with the performance.
    Very sleek device, and lots of bright blinking lights, if you like that sort of thing (I do!). Btw, we're running 4-5 wired computers (I'm an IT guy/programmer), smart TV/Roku, Wii-U, 4 smart phones, 2 android tablets, an ipad, and 4 laptops, with no problems whatsoever. Money well spent! I'm very pleased and happy with the purchase and will definitely recommend it.

    Apr 12,2019

  • Jim Southey
    Great Product, Great Customer Service
    Wow I'm impressed all around with this router. This router 100% solved the dropped connection problem, since installing it I have never had a single issue. This is critically important for me when gaming. It has some other nice feature too, such as the multiple person sharing, and the 4G signal support features, which I didn't have on my previous router. So far, couldn't be happier.

    Apr 20,2019

  • Tyrone
    Super Nice Router
    I do a lot of online gaming which is what drew me to this router. It was made for this I believe. I always have the fastest ping in any lobby I'm in (around 10-20ms) and never have any problems with lag. I'm quite impressed with this thing, especially for the price range.

    Apr 17,2019

  • Isabel Tyler
    Highly recommended.
    Here is a bargain on a superior product. I decided to stick with the EDUP brand and I’m glad I did. Having tested various speeds via hard wire and wireless I found that the wireless is only slightly slower than wired!! So, very surprised and happy about that too. Range is excellent.

    Apr 21,2019

  • faccus
    Ottimo router con scheda SIM
    Ottimo router per navigare con una scheda SIM dati. Si e' configurato in automatico e ha cominciato a funzionare con la scheda 3 che ho inserito senza problemi.
    Qualche difficolta' a impostare la lingua in inglese dato che la configurazione di base e' in cinese e non e' immediato trovare il menu corrispondente.
    Dovrebbe funzionare anche come ripetitore di segnale WiFi ma non ho avuto modo di provarlo in questa configurazione.

    Sep 17,2019