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  • Tiphany81
    This is a good solid product, I like that there are optional fold-out hooks all across the front for holding lighter weight items, Make sure you have it the right side up -- I thought mine was broken as the grips are loosely contained in each of the slots and move around a lot when positioned upside down ... I turned it the opposite way -LRB- rightside up -RRB- and then voila, -RRB- How the items stay put is by the weight of the broom handle paired with gravity from its own weight makes the grips tighter

    Sep 06,2017

    larger dust mops and swiffer wet jet-type products are pretty bulky and may not fit well, You may have to open it with one hand while inserting the tool with the other, and watch the screw length if you're mounting it to a hollow door - I had to swap them out for shorter ones to ensure they wouldn't go all the way through the other side of the door

    Jan 20,2018

  • Melinda Mumford
    making sure to change out the screws because of the fact that the screws it comes with were too long and would come through the other side of the door, It grips the handles so well and has the extra hooks for other things

    Aug 09,2018

  • Yvonne
    This product is sturdy and easy to install, It is has a more attractive and functional design than any of the mop/broom holders that I researched, I love the extra hooks that are on the front of the holder

    Jan 12,2018

  • raja
    Really like this product ; it was easy to mount and seems very secure and durable ; only drawback is, This means maybe not putting something else in the next slot and definitely not using a nearby hook

    Apr 07,2017

  • nick k
    The hooks are close together, you will definately want to alternate hanging your mops/brooks right side up and upside down like pictured, Great organization tool at a reasonable price

    Dec 02,2016

  • Brandon E.
    This may seem like one of those `` silly'' products that you don't really need when in fact it is great for keeping an area organized and for keeping those cleaning supplies up off the floor

    Sep 11,2018

  • A fan!
    This product is fantastic, Luckily this product was able to do that and it also comes with hooks, This little piece is very sturdy and so are those little hooks

    Sep 13,2017

  • Kayla Williams
    There are little hooks in front of the handle holders, such as a bag, It has made organizing the long handled supplies so much easier and takes up little space

    Apr 18,2017

  • Vee
    I used the plastic inserts as a spacer to make sure the screws wouldn't poke threw the other side, Not a deal breaker nor does it affect how nice the product is

    Nov 04,2017