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  • Jim
    Titanic with LED
    Excellent cost-benefit, for this price is worth an ornament of this size and with so many details. I spent about 10 hours and 27 minutes from the opening of the package to the last piece placed (taking into account that I went wrong a few times and left the box with the organized pieces falling on the floor).

    Upon completion I felt extraordinarily pleased to have managed to build a mini titanic replica on my own.

    I did a section of photos from start to finish of the assembly (I skipped the final steps because it was already 6 hours straight, so I forgot)

    I put LED inside the ship to give more life in it, I highly recommend it, it got 300% cuter in the dark.

    How did I put the LED? I simply pulled the penultimate blue block from the back of the toy.

    Sorry for bad English, I'm using google translator to make it easier for me.

    Oct 28,2018

  • Frank
    Doe het zelf bouwdoos TITANIC
    Leuke uitdaging om enkele dagen zoet mee te zijn. Bestaat uit 1860 heel kleine blokjes waarmee je dus de Titanic kunt nabouwen als je de bijgevoegde plannen volgt. (dus niet het conventionele groter model van blokjes, maar mini blokjes). Mijn zoontje (7 jaar) heeft dit perfect tot een goed einde gebracht, zie foto's. Er is genoeg reserve materiaal aanwezig mocht je een blokje verliezen. Het bouwen ging vrij gemakkelijk en je krijgt een mooi resultaat. Kun je de set tegen promo prijs kopen, dan is dat zeker een aanrader, ondanks dat het minuscule kleine blokjes zijn, het resultaat is wel mooi!

    Mar 08,2019

  • Malcolm37
    Bloc TITANIC
    Livraison, très, très, très rapide grand merci.
    Superbe, magnifique,solide, parfait avec aucun défaut.
    Les bloc son petits, beaucoups plus petit que les légos.
    Donc attention aux très jeunes enfants (+8 ans)
    Sinon, que du bonheur,je vous le recommande à 100%
    Mes notes
    Livraison 100/20 moins d'une semaine. Trop cool
    Le bloc TITANIC 100/20. Des heures de jeux, solide et parfait.
    Le vendeur et Gearbest 200/20 . Merci vous avez assuré,(très bon produit solide , parfait et livraison ,suivi au top ",jour par jour" de plus moins d'une semaine ,on fait pas mieux.
    Grand , grand, MERCI, MERCI.

    Nov 25,2018

  • Steve
    Very small pieces in dirty, moldy and soaked paperbox.
    The package received in a a terrible condition. Soaked and moldy, dirty and very very smelly. The instruction manual is very moldy and cannot use because of the pages stucked together because of mold.

    The pieces are very small, smaller than I tought. But it is okay, the description has this info in millimeter, but in live there is a little disappointment.

    Jan 03,2019


    Thank you for your comment.

    We are sorry your order has not met your expectations.

    Our products are quality checked before being sent out to our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality at the lowest prices.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html


    Best regards,


    Mar 22,2019

  • HT
    Diamond Blocks Titanic
    It's a big set of bricks with a very good quality. Colors are nice and it's fun to build, took me about 7 hours. The instructions are easy to understand, no problems with that. A lot of spare parts are included and no parts were missing. The ship is abut 56 cm long and very detailed, looks really nice after finishing. The original box and a brick seperator is included. I love it, that's why it gets 5 stars!

    Sep 11,2018

  • Casual
    Ship building in progress
    Good construction set with clear instructions, got all family involved in kind of long term building project.
    We use a piece of cardboard to move wip around as base is composed of several square plates. Note that details are tinier than regular lego bricks; so, don't expect to throw it together in a couple of hours.

    Apr 27,2019

  • Geoff
    Perfect in every way
    Have to recommend this model. It's suitable for children and adults, alike. Construction is straight forward and the instruction leaflet is clear and precise. It's worth noting that the bricks are small, non-standard size, not the same as regular 'Lego'

    Dec 28,2018

  • Андрей
    Titanic Shape Block Toys
    Конструктор классный,но детальки слишком маленькие - для рук ребенка - взрослому без пинцета не обойтись !!!Пластик качественный,без запаха !Понятная и большая инструкция в картинках!!!!!!!!!

    May 04,2019

  • Daniel Asenov
    Бърза доставка.
    Добре опакован.
    Качествена изработка.
    Много добра цена за качеството.
    Направен от качествени материали.

    Jan 19,2019

  • Mariosmci
    Titanic block toys
    I chose to put 5 stars this item because I think is good..i like this item because its big enough. the disadvantage of the product is that are too small pieces. I recommend it

    Dec 14,2018