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  • Convoiy S2+ XPL HI
    Convoiy S2+ XPL HI, gute und günstige Lampe
    Die Convoy s2+ hat eine gute Haptik und eine gute Optik ohne Produkt bis Fehler. Keine Kratzer und Macken. Hier ist ein Treiber mit 6 7135 verbaut. Die Lampe ist gefühlt heller als die xml2 mit 8 7135, aber sie hat auch einen glatten Reflektor, der auf Reichweite und nicht in die Breite getrimmt ist. Die Haptik ist im Gegensatz zu den anderen S2+ eher rauh als glatt, heißt zur sandigen Optik kommt auch sie sandige Haptik. Die Farbe ist relativ dunkel. Einfach eine schöne Lampe. Hie ist nicht nur die Schnur ,sondern auch die Halterung dabei.Mir gefällt sie sehr gut. Modi sind wieder 3 Helligkeitsstufen oder 3 Helligkeitsstufen +Stroboskop +SOS.

    Jan 27,2019

  • МинИван
    Convoy S2+ CREE XPL HI 3000 - 3200K 840Lm High Brightness Flashlight
    "Бомбический" фонарик!
    Вставил 18650 3500мАч KeepPower 3,7В P1835U (SANYO NCR18650GA).
    Посветил на небо.
    Тут же прилетел UFO.
    Инопланетяне спросили: " Чем был подан сигнал? "
    "Фонариком из GearBest" - был ответ.
    "Срочно летим в GearBest за фонариками" - засуетились пришельцы,
    и, так же молниеносно растворились в ночном небе.
    "И на празднование Лунного Нового Года успеете" - подумал я... :)
    Поздравляю всех с наступающим праздником!
    Добра и счастья вам!
    Немного греется головка.

    Feb 15,2018

  • Daro
    Awesome flashlight
    Things I like:
    -Good build quality, and genuine Cree LED.
    -Good output (lumens) for all 8*7135 models.
    -Very good peak beam intensity (lux/candela per lumens) for this class of light.
    -No annoying step down in brightness – but requires common sense to avoid excessive heat!
    -Accepts most flat and button top 18650 batteries (but not very long or wide protected 18650s).
    -Choice of cool, neutral, and warm white tints.
    -Excellent range of accessories.

    May 03,2018

    strong and powerfull! V2-1A XPL HI is very bright about 6500K but it is not blue-ish (not 'cool', it is more like strong daylight) so XPL is doing the job extremely efficient and well, paid for it about 52 PLN's after used some exchanged points,
    beam is a bit too focused to throw on longer distances about 40-60 meters away
    thanks GB!
    beam is a bit too focused to throw on longer distances about 40-60 meters away

    Mar 05,2018

  • Eugene
    Fantastic light
    Solid build quality. I have been carrying this light in my pocket at work for a month or 2, and it has functioned perfectly. Super bright, battery seems to last forever. I purchased this light with the brightest emitter, and it does get quite hot after 8 minutes continual use on high setting. I also bought one with the softer light emitter, it does not get hot. This is not an issue for me as I use it for work outside. Would purchase again.
    None....however it would be nice if it came with a pocket clip that fitted to the light by encircling the body, instead of just clipping onto it.

    Jan 24,2018

  • Petr
    Convoy S2+ CREE XPL HI 4300 - 4500K
    Convoy is a proven brand. Excellent lamp quality, good performance, good anodization, interesting color, metal switch, XPL HI LED. The U6-4C shade ensures true color rendering. SMO reflector, wide range, sharp light. The package clip and wrist strap. Nice gift box, well packed. I'm happy, great shopping. 5 *****

    Apr 07,2018

  • Paweł
    Convoy S2+ sand !!!
    Convoy S2 + - a high performance flashlight, metal switch, works very well. Many modes allow you to choose the light to your needs. The clip is comfortable and the lanyard for the torch is fully adjustable. The flashlight and its color are perfect for the EDC.
    The Convoy S2 + torch has no flaws. The only thing that would be useful is focus ...

    Nov 22,2017

  • Leonardo Sanchez
    Best EDC flashlight
    - Preço muito bom para uma lanterna EDC;
    - Qualidade de construção excelente;
    - Anodização excelente;
    - Caixa muito bonita e com espuma para proteção;
    - A lanterna tem um bom alcance pelo seu tamanho cerca de 150m no high lumens;
    - excelente tailcap, mola bem grossa;
    - Lente em vidro;
    - Um bom Led.
    - Excelente custo beneficio.
    - Vem com alça bem construída, parte grossa.
    - Ela esquenta muito em high mode, a ponto de ter que segurar na ponta;
    - Basta alguns minutos e ela fica bem quente;
    - O tailcap aciona só por click, e ele parece de plastico;
    - A alça tem uma parte bem fina e frágil, correndo risco de perder sua lanterna.

    Apr 16,2018

  • Wolf
    Convoy S2+ CREE XPL HI
    A super lamp for little money, I personally love Convoy, they are top processed very robust and the light output is the BRIGHT madness.
    It is waterproof and very reliable. The new color sand brown has become so great with her silky shine. The switch is great to press and the glass is anti-glare.

    Nov 22,2018

  • Sand convoy s2+
    Awesome lil light
    great lil light that i use on a daily basis. have now purchased 1 for a friend
    fast shipping
    excellent quality
    convoy is great brand
    super bright
    favourite tint
    slight yellow corona in the center of beam

    Feb 15,2018