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  • Larry R. Mintun
    This is a terrific basic mouse at a great price, i'm a Mac user and all their mice of late have been troublesome, the scroll ball is great for left-right movement but it can't be removed so it can't be cleaned properly, it's also very large and to me fits oddly in the hand, the blue tooth mouse is also troublesome as the touch surface is the entire front end so accidentally stroking it will scroll the window, this mouse corrects all that with physical, tactile buttons and a rubber wheel with soft detents, i have large hands but the smaller mouse feels easier to use, basic design and a great price I feel like this is a no-brainer for anyone wanting competent functionality

    Jul 28,2018

  • David de Sevilla
    Una magnífica compra.
    Estoy muy satisfecho con esta compra. Es un ratón de tamaño óptimo para usar con un ordenador portátil. Pesa poco y el tacto es muy agradable. Tiene botones de navegación y ajuste de las dpi dinámico. La rueda se desplaza de forma suave. El ordenador con Windows 10 reconoció el dispositivo receptor instantáneamente y el ratón estuvo instalado en diez segundos. Si además el precio es muy competitivo para su calidad, no se puede pedir más en una compra. Muy contento con esta experiencia.

    Jul 18,2019

  • jo hanes
    Gaming mouse review
    I chose this product because I needed a wireless gaming mouse.
    This product is one of the cheapest on the GearBest site, it is well made and good looking, which is a quite great thing, considering that it is a big one too!
    I rate it 5/5 because it is in high quality and it is quite a good priced product.
    I can recommend this product.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Sergio Molina Trejo
    I read some complaints in the reviews here that the mouse is very small to them, i don't have very big hands, this mouse feels just fine to me, honestly it works flawlessly for such a great price and I would go so far to say that you could game with this mouth and have a good time, just a really great purchase, this is better than the mice they buy for us where I work, it's a very solid mouse in all the right ways

    Sep 15,2018

  • David b
    Professional Gaming Game Mouse
    The gaming game mouse is perfect, is cheap, the design and material is good, easy to use, the red color I liked a lot, I recommend it, I bought this mouse to enjoy games on my PC, and I arrive very quickly to my house.

    Oct 10,2018

  • Chad baker
    I've had to replace a mouse several times due to them flying off the shelf when I pulled the shelf out too quickly, i was looking for a good price this time as well as the features needed, is easy to use and works better than the expensive mouse that it replaced, has a longer cord and isn't as heavy as other products that I've used

    Aug 04,2018

  • Carol A Emery
    It works so much better than the Apple `` Magic Mouse'' that I had ordered with the Mac ; there is no comparison, to me the MM with its trackpad-like button arrangement is just too weird ; plus it's built-in battery must be recharged by plugging MM into a USB port -- and of course you can't use the mouse while it's recharging

    Sep 24,2018

  • Basil Goddard
    I'm so happy I made the purchase, of course like I said before our old mouse was a complete turd so that is the context I'm going off of but still, the AmazonBasics mouse seems to be extremely responsive, light gaming, general computer usage and I don't really see why I would ever need anything fancier

    Aug 29,2018

  • DiD
    Mouse da game
    Mouse costruito bene, perfettamente funzionante, necessita di due batterie AAA. L'unico problema che ho riscontrato è che spegnendo il PC e il mouse con tasto off, all'accensione del PC e del mouse con il tasto on, quest'ultimo non funziona bisogna togliere e reinserire il ricevitore wireless nella porta usb. Da testare la durata delle batterie.

    Jun 27,2019

    Great mouse, it's available for their keyboards but on the mouse the only option u have to repeat macro is to repeatedly click it, a small feature but it exists in the software already so it's nothing new for logitech, just not available for this mouse for some strange reason

    Aug 20,2018