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  • Great charger
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: EU Plug
    Really universal budget charger
    Beamday seems to be copy of all zanflare products. Maybe zanflare not the own brand and all these products manufactured somewhere in china on oem or odm factory. But anyway it great products. Beamday C4 is copy of zanflare c4 with only one changes – the display is less brighter and more contrast, that is good. Inside I don't know if the same electronic scheme. Zanflare earned great reputation, adequately the beamday is the same good charger and even imho more better display. There are some issues with small batteries in width when you put it in, they poorly fixed in the air and easily can be moved accidentally. There are 3 buttons for control that is great too. You can change some parameters but for budget it is enough. The reading is not to accurate but it gives you too enough clear status of you batteries. Size is maybe too big but it is good too easy to handle and big display and more good ventilation. The lowest current is 300mah may be its good for big capacity batteries but for aaa or 14500 14400 batteries its not so good for those who want keep the capacity and durability of their batteries. But anyway these kind of batteries cost not so much even eneloops. The time you save with 300mah is cost more. Lacks of 2a current charging imho its dangerous and not so good for batteries of all types. Great budget functional well built charger.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Luther Babbitt
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: EU Plug
    Easy to use and works great
    Basically I was sick of spending money on all the throw out batteries. I finally decided to get this Beamday C4 battery charger, I am very happy about what I did. This charger does the job really quickly and very easy to use. It can auto-identifies the battery type, and I can check the voltage, current, time, and capacity conveniently during charging. It can charge 4 batteries at the same time, then I just wait till I have 4 and charge them at one. What’s more, it can also be used as a power bank supply power for other devices, it is too convenient!So far the charger works as it should and I am very happy with it. Simple and quick and is saving me lots of money on batteries.

    May 06,2019

  • Blaise
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: EU Plug
    Excellent battery charger
    This charger is much better than I expected.It handles a dozen different battery sizes.Charging current can be adjusted in 4 steps from 300 to 1000 mA.It supports normal and fast check to determine battery status.Can work as a power bank if at least two batteries are in.

    Jul 02,2019

  • Ron Bauer
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: UK Plug
    Useful smart charger
    Equipped with integrated LCD display, several data can be checked independently, the 4 slots are separated so I can choose different modes for different slot, very useful design.

    May 07,2019

  • Donna Goldsmith
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: PSE
    Great for rechargeable batteries!
    Works good, and the size is really nice - it is not very bulky and easy to take with you on vacations if you need. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!

    May 21,2019

  • Marian Boyle
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: US Plug (2-pin)
    Works as advertised!
    This battery charger works great. The display is clear and easy to read, it is very convenient to see the remaining time when charging.

    May 13,2019

  • Arvin Benson
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: US Plug (2-pin)
    VERY cool little charger
    I haven't noticed any major problems with it. Charges any AA or AAA rechargeables. And the look is much more stylish than most chargers.

    May 22,2019

  • Michelle Marion
    Ano (0) Barva: Black Velikost: US Plug (2-pin)
    Easy and safe to use
    The charger has with over-charging, over-discharging, excess temperature, and reverse polarity protections, safer to use.

    May 19,2019