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  • loker17
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: UK Plug
    Sealing Machine
    The device is simple to use, although it does not work quietly. Intuitively, without looking into the instructions, I prepared the right size packaging and packed food for the journey. The welder did not violate the structure of the products placed in the bags (patties, slips, devolay cutlets) and discharged the excess air. The packages were hermetically sealed and the food edible within a few days, of course kept in a refrigerator. The welding machine does not have a place for a roll of film - it's a pity, I would prefer to have everything in one place, but this is a slight minus in relation to the overall rating of the whole device. as for the home conditions I am very happy with the operation of the welding machine.

    Feb 08,2019

  • Roman
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: EU Plug
    Domestic Automatic Vacuum
    1. Why did you choose this rating?Fast delivery, nice design, super stuff2. What did you like or dislike?The sealing speed is 15 seconds.3. What is the benefit / disadvantage compared to other products?the high-density sealing strip reaches a full vacuum, the exhaust port reaches adequate suction air, the buckle structure can firmly lock the machine, the usable size is from 3 to 25 cm. 4. Do you recommend this to your friends?I recommend to every fan https://youtu.be/SR4rF18RX9Uhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR4rF18RX9U&feature=youtu.be

    Sep 26,2018

  • Marciphoto
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: EU Plug
    Great item - keeps food fresh!
    I absolutely LOVE this vacuum sealer. It is very compact and doesn't take up much storage space in my kitchen and it also conserves space in my freezer and fridge. I love that it gets all the air out and keeps food fresher much longer! It is a new part of my routine. When I come home from the grocery store I immediately package my foods into individual meals. This saves me so much time! It is also great for packaging meats to cook Sous Vide which I have just started doing. I am VERY HAPPY with this purchase and would definitely recommend!

    Sep 19,2018

  • MB
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: EU Plug
    Great inexpensive vacuum sealer
    I have been using this vacuum sealer for my sous vide device and I can say that so far it works perfectly. It seals the food perfectly and doesn't allow any leaking into the meat when using the sous vide machine. If it works this good for sealing the food I am pretty sure that it would work perfectly in keeping foods preserved in the refrigerator. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to get into sous vide but who doesn't want to spend money on expensive equipment.

    Sep 18,2018

  • Luca
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: EU Plug
    Small and user friendly
    It's a great deal! It has a great value for the price:- it is compact and lightweight- it is easy to store- it does a great job- and it comes with the vacuum bags includedI tried for a bunch of things and it works well.I recommend this item for those who want to store easely and safely the food, like singles who has always food left.*They send me a power adapter too

    Nov 20,2018

  • sandi
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: EU Plug
    Vacuum machine
    Very interesting thing. I had a minor embarrassment with the customs authority. To my e-mail it was written that there comes from Japan an air refreshment machine. We solved the problem, paid 6 € for customs fees. The machine works, only the instructions for use are very incomprehensible for reading, well that there is a YOUTUBE channel. Thanks for the extra bags. I recommend purchasing. Sandi

    Jan 29,2019

  • Miroslav
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: UK Plug
    Excellent product
    The appliance arrived in about twenty days. Given that the device is a UK socket, I'm pleasantly surprised with the shipped adapter for the EU port. Obviously, account was taken of which region was being ordered. All praise for that. The appliance has not been tested yet, but I hope there will be no problem. Any recommendations for working with this seller.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Emanuele
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: China Plug
    Fantastica macchina per sigillatura
    ricevuta in 19 giorni lavorativi, la macchina da perfettamente il suo lavoro di messa in sottovuoto dei prodotti. all'interno della confezione vi era sia un adattatore UE sia una 30ina di sacchetti.funzione benissimo e mette i prodotti sottovuoto in pochi secondi.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Gianluigi
    Ano (1) Barva: Milk White Velikost: EU Plug
    Ottima macchina per sottovuoto
    Ottimo prodotto soprattutto in considerazione del prezzo.Permette la sigillatura sottovuoto di alimenti freschi o cotti.Rapida nell'uso, forse gusto un po' rumorosa.Ha anche la modalità di funzionamento per la sola sigillatura delle buste, ciò permette l'uso delle buste in rotolo da tagliare a misura, sigillare, riempire e sigillare sottovuoto.Arriva con 15 buste 20*15 in dotazione.Di facile uso, la consiglio a chi ne fa un uso casalingo.

    Dec 09,2018

  • yo
    Ano (0) Barva: Milk White Velikost: UK Plug
    Domestic Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine for Plastic Bag
    vacuum sealer for small amounts of food. to save without freezing is very good and works very well. sacks must be used for this purpose. up to now without problems to register.

    Feb 12,2019