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  • nnjcustomer
    This screen cover is definitely the best I have ever used, I have paid very high prices for about half a dozen screen covers before coming across this one on Amazon Not only was it inexpensive but it even included a second screen cover with it, The instructions were extremely easy to follow and everything needed for installation was included, the tab that pulls off to adhere the cover to your phone was on the opposite side from how mine was, installation was super easy and I am very very happy with this product and with the seller and I will definitely purchase from this seller again

    Aug 12,2018

  • Esteban Vives Jimenez
    a couple days later he dropped his phone out of his truck and the glass screen protector shattered -LRB- which is the point so your actual phone screen doesn't -RRB- but his phone was still in perfect condition, but he was thankful i made the purchase of these -RRB-, but otherwise is still in perfect condition and has protected my phone wonderfully

    Aug 25,2018

  • Mark Seger
    that was easily solved with the extra sticker they provide you with to remove the smaller pieces of dust, though a note to make is that the screen is slightly smaller than my SE screen, The image on my screen is also very clear, and the surface of the screen is very smooth, perhaps even smoother than the original screen when swiping

    Aug 25,2018

  • Al
    Good tempered glass
    Good protector, strong protection, infinite tolerance , anti-scratch surface keeps your phone screen from scratching , 2.5D arc edge design matches all edges accurately, Anti-fingerprint and oil resistant coating keeps your phone clean all the time

    Aug 24,2018

  • joanna wood
    I was not compensated in any way to write this review but I have to agree with even the sponsored reviews that these screen protectors are excellent and inexpensive, The touch is highly responsive and the surface feels really smooth and the protector is crystal clear

    Aug 10,2018

  • sol
    My suggestion is to use two of the adhesive strips supplied to create the `` hinge'' and us the third to create a handle to slowly lower and align the protector to your screen, Great screen protector for the money -LRB- even if you ruin the first one

    Sep 15,2018

  • D. Talley
    I was able to install this screen protector on two cellphone consecutively without a single air bubble, EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE - This screen protector requires much less cleaning of fingerprints and makes the screen much brighter

    Oct 11,2018

  • Peter
    The cheapest and best product for the money.
    For the price I have bought it, you really can't ask for more. The design of the device is so very well done, looks futuristic, and for me it is one of the nicest looking products out there (if not of all, then, at least out of those that I used).

    Oct 01,2018

  • flssg
    Me and the hubby bought new Iphones and I wanted to make sure he had a durable phone cover since he's so harsh on his phones at work, This cover is amazing and i ordered more to keep on stock, Couldn't be happier with this purchase

    Sep 20,2018

  • Paul H. Ward, Jr.
    just know that EVERYTHING you need is included - the little screen wipes, the soft cloth, Seems like a great screen protector - I drop my phone all the time, The only con is that MAYBE my touch screen is a little less sensitive

    Sep 17,2018