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  • Tobias
    Very good quality of everything - with the exception of the picture
    This is a tiny, small camera of really very well built quality - for a so small price.

    - The cam is very thin - much more, than I excpected before.
    - The light LEDs are really bright in maximum brightniss
    - The USB plug is made of metal and feels very solid.
    - It has a nice feature: You can put the large USB plug to the side - and a micro USB plug remains! Very cool!
    - On the top of the USB plug there is a button, which can select the brightness of the LEDs in 4 steps:
    off, very very dim, very dim, bright
    - The camera worked on my Windows 8.1 PC out of the box! No extra drivers had to be installed!
    - The Windows App "Camera" was immedeately capable of displaying, what the camera was sending to the PC.
    - (On my phone I couldn't test this yet becaus I still have no adapter from USB-C to USB)
    - With the cam there come some other parts:
    a small 45° mirror, to view 90° to the side (Attention: first remove the plastic foil from the surface!)
    and a small ring to fix two hooks to take up things with the camera.
    - the minimum distance between cam and object for a (quite) sharp picture is ca. 5 cm
    - of course the cam has no auto-focus

    So, until now, I would have rated the cam with 5 stars plus!

    .... unfortunatelly the pictures of the cam are not too good. If there is not very much light from other sources, the picture becomes very distorted and noisy.

    So - the camera is worth every cent of it's price - but unfortunatelly the quality of the pictures is could be better. Of course - not for this price.

    In the pictures you see a DECT-phone, in the distance of about 20 cm from the cam.
    One picture was taken with the lamp on the desktop on plus the LED of the cam (max), the other with the LED of the cam (max, too) only.

    Nov 14,2018

  • benjamim
    AN99-B10-8 2 in 1 8mm Lens Android PC Endoscope
    AN99-B10-8 10m 2 in 1 Android PC 8mm Lens Endoscope Inspection Wire Camera IP67 WaterproofMain Features
    With flexible extended tube allows you to easily survey small hard-to-reach places
    Mini 8mm IP67 waterproof camera can reach the places of water without worrying about this endoscope will be broken by water
    Exposure light Automatic
    Wide visual view angle 70 degree
    Powered by USB
    Support photo format JPEG; video format AVI
    With 6 adjustable LED lights can work in some areas without enough light
    Light weight and handhold design convenient for you to use
    Suitable for surveying pipes equipment furnishing installation underwater viewing parts assembly construction sites workshops laboratories education wildlife surveillance car maintenance

    Mar 24,2018

  • bydimitris
    AN99-B10-8 2 in 1 8mm Lens Android PC Endoscope - BLACK 10M CABLE
    1. High quality Endoscope
    2. Both usb and microusb for pc or smartphone
    3. Easy installation
    4. flexible extended tube
    5. Great price for value -- VFM
    6. 10m cable
    7. Waterproof
    8. Good lights
    9. Good image resolution
    None so far

    Jul 24,2018

  • Moonlighting
    Item received in good order and works as described. Fast delivery.
    High resolution (640 x 480). 3 light intensity modes. Long hard-coated cable.

    Works on computer and android system.

    Received in 1 week.

    Works with most camera software.

    Can be connected to normal usb and micro usb port.

    Can be installed on door pinhole and connected to tablet for monitoring visitors. Software capable of software-motion_detection can be used.

    Jul 27,2018

  • Onur
    Android PC Endoscope
    -ürün bekledigimden güzel cikti. Kamera cozunurlügü cok iyi ledlerle birlikte gayet kullanisli. Yaninda gelen apartlar da eh is görür.

    -Ürün hem pc hem de android OTG uyumlu programlari indirdim gayet düygün calisiyor. Ancak telefona baglamadan önce OTG fonksiyonunun acik olmasina dikkat edin aksi takdirde kamerayi görmüyor telefon.

    - kesinlikle tavsiye ederim
    -yaninda gelen aparatlardan acili ayna pek netlik saglamiyor bana göre islevsiz bi apart zaten cok da onemli degil.
    -play store daki aplikasyon reklam iceriyor biraz uyuz edici.

    Jul 25,2018

  • Berta Atilla
    AN99-B10-8 2 in 1 8mm Lens Android PC Endoscope
    Ez talán valamivel jobb minőségű lesz mint a régebbiek.Ez talán valamivel jobb minőségű lesz mint a régebbiek.Ez talán valamivel jobb minőségű lesz mint a régebbiek.Ez talán valamivel jobb minőségű lesz mint a régebbiek.

    Jun 05,2018

  • fchan
    Not bad for the price.
    It is not the best but you get what you pay for. Installation is easy that is if you can see the print out. I had to use a magnify glass to read it. It is definitely good to look at larger object but this item by no mean are meant to look at fine objects. Not really good in the dark unless there are lights shine on the object you want to see.

    Overall I give it a 4 star because of the price.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Berta Atilla
    AN99-B10-8 2 in 1 8mm Lens Android PC Endoscope
    Nem rossz bár eléggé gyerekjáték,hobbi szinten használható.Lehet használni bár eléggé gyenge a minősége,otthonra jó bohóckodni,nagyon másra nem használható.

    Jun 25,2018

  • Berta Atilla
    AN99-B10-8 2 in 1 8mm Lens Android PC Endoscope - RED 10M CABLE / 8MM LENS
    Az árához képest nem rossz.Azért azt tudomásul kell venni,hogy csak hobbi szinten használható,bohóckodni jó,de ipari szinten lófaszra sem való.

    Jul 12,2018

  • Brad Browatzke
    Great Investment
    -HD Camera with integrated light
    -10 M cable
    -includes retrieval tools (hook & magnet)
    -side viewing prism attachment
    -micro and standard USB integrated into a single unit with protective cover
    -Built-in switch for light
    -PC and Smartphone compatible

    Jun 30,2016