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  • Kyle
    Great Piece of Kit
    -Nice metal casing
    -Smooth Windows experience
    -Windows 10 upgrade
    -1yr Microsoft Office 365

    The device is slim and good looking, easily blending in with your media centre or stowed away behind your TV out of site. Even after upgrading to windows 10 I had about 18gb of storage left, which is reasonable given it starts with 32gb.
    The RAM seems like it wouldn't be enough but as long as you aren't seriously multi-tasking it is perfectly fine. The device is great so long as you go into it with the right expectations.
    The fanless design makes it perfect for streaming services straight to your TV as it makes no noise whatsoever, but manages to stay cool.
    The battery is also handy, making the device portable, especially since it comes with a mini hdmi to hdmi cable.
    The storage is expandable via MicroSD card which is handy, as well as the possibility of USB external hard drives.
    -WiFi Performance
    -Plastic Areas Scratched
    -No LAN port
    -Not enough USB ports

    The WiFi performance isn't great, which makes the lack of a LAN port even worse. It will be adequate for streaming and the likes but if you are downloading anything of substantial size and don't have excellent internet/router then it may take a while. I get roughly 23Mbits/s on speedtest.net, whereas with my laptop - which has 5GHz wifi - I get about 80Mbit/s.
    When I received the device the plastic areas on each end, where the ports are, is scratched and a bit rough around the edges. Not a huge problem but not really what you want to see on a brand new product.
    2 USB ports simply isn't enough. I have a wireless mouse + keyboard which uses the same dongle and a 250gb external hard drive which is going to be plugged in all the time, this has left me with no ports to use unless I invest in a USB hub (the micro usb port is being used for a micro usb-to-LAN device, due to the lack of a LAN port and the bad WiFi)

    Dec 14,2015

  • AleXX
    Perfect Mini PC / Gadget !!!
    WOW, I like this little one .. As the product page said: NO Windows 10 yet .. Well .. I just applied all the updates and the last one was the upgrade to Win10. Did than: Perfect. Now running flawlessly @Windows 10 ...
    - Good build quality
    - Fast
    - Enough space left after installing W10 (about 17GB)
    - Completly silent
    - Mini HDMI to HDMI cable supplied
    - Windows 10
    - No mobile envoirment, but real Full Windows, so you can install everything !!

    - Only 2 USB
    - No LAN connection
    - Mini HDMI, but the right cable to connect to monitor / TV is supplied!

    Dec 10,2015

  • José Luis
    Little great devil
    it was a big deal!, really useful and powerful (being aware about its limits, of course), small (a bit bigger than a external HDD), with an extensive and long battery life, fast and enough for day to day uses, even on remote (acting as server).
    You can even use it as power bank!, really cool!
    Lack of USB 3.0 on this last review
    Power bank function only if its powered

    Dec 07,2015

  • Ian
    Great Deal
    Rugged build.
    Connects in seconds.
    Only officially supports Windows 8.1. However, with a lot of tinkering and research, I was able to successfully upgrade to Windows 10 with the correct drivers.
    Very fast boot time.
    This is my third miniPC and definitely my favourite from the bay trail series.
    No ethernet, but who uses that anymore anyways?
    Would be slightly nicer with USB 3.0.

    Mar 08,2016

  • ghiottone
    Excellent - just as i excepted!
    - Mini, usefull.
    - The housing feels quality.
    - The built in 7000mah battery lasts long time - 7-8 hour eith HDMI cabel to TV.
    - wifi signal strengt OK
    I used with Benq projektor, LG & Smasung TVs. Everything works well.
    - scratches in the front and rear panel - seen up close only. - I dont know why this. I watch the FHD screen, not the mini pc hosung. ;)

    Dec 14,2015

  • Christoph
    you can't get more PC for the money
    I was curious - thought it will be slow - but - what a BAMMM - it was fast working on my Smart TV.
    Everything you need for a working PC or Streaming Box. And all without any noise - and fully wireless (after you charged you PC)
    all great, nothing bad

    Aug 23,2015

  • Nikos
    Easy to use, easy to carry. Very good value for money. I am happy with my purchase, have it in my bedroom, hooked up on the TV. Exceeded my expectations :) I would recomend this buy.
    Has an issue with sound if it hasn't been rebooted for a couple of days. IMO also has a bit weak wifi signal.

    May 26,2016

  • mrncas
    Great Mini Computer
    Love the size. Arrived by DHL.well packaged ..
    Booted up quickly.
    usb 2 with a micro usb 2. Adding external drive only works with a separate power for the external hard drive. Flash drives work well .
    HDMI is mini not micro as advertised
    On unpacking there were some scratches on the case,so looked "old"
    Only problem is the Chinese operating system on Windows 8. Tried to set the correct parameters in users,but still have some in the names and Windows folders.
    No usb 3 port

    Jun 25,2015

  • TEZ
    Works flawlessly
    Came with a licensed Windows 8.1 Bing. I flawlessly upgraded it to Windows 10. Works well, battery life is good. Haven't had any issues at all so far. Recommended.

    Mar 01,2016

  • Serj
    Нормальный Mini PC
    Компактный мини компьютер.
    Полноценная лицензионная Windows 8.1 Bing x86.
    Встроенный аккумулятор.
    Есть проблема с контроллером заряда/разряда аккумулятора: даже при подключённом зарядном устройстве, после достижения 100% заряда батареи, происходит разрядка батареи (можно посмотреть напряжение с помощью CPUID HWMonitor), как результат:
    Недостоверная информация о текущем заряде батареи.

    Dec 15,2015