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4.67 out of 5
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  • Dale Mr D Simmons
    It's very thin but flexible I keep forgetting I have it on I constantly wash my hands at work and I'm in my garden at my house and it hasn't turn my finger green or anything keep getting comments about how everybody loves it and wants to know where I got it

    Sep 12,2018

  • Keith s
    it's super cute and the metal is easily adjustable for any size finger, the only problem is that you kind of have to play with the ring to get it to fit right but once you form it to your finger it stays in that shape and looks adorable

    Nov 10,2017

  • Nolle2000
    The silver on the underside of the ring is starting to tarnish just the slightest but it's not super noticeable yet and the front of the ring still looks great, For the price you really can't beat this adorable ring

    Mar 15,2018

  • Aks
    Quality is great, Only issue was that the size was too big, Contacted customer service for an exchange and they not only replaced the ring for free for the right size but also let us keep the other ring as a back up

    Oct 04,2018

  • Troy Wellman
    The only thing I wish could be different would be having several sizes because it can only wrap around my pinky fingers which is okay but just a bit frustrating for people with larger size fingers

    Jun 25,2018

  • Gocomma sports smart watch bracelet
    Black Titanium ring
    Black titanium ring in a simple but elegant design. This ring can outlast time with its simple and elgant look. Can even be used a a wedding ring. Highly recommend ring.

    Dec 15,2019

  • Scott Bright
    I've ordered this ring more than once -LRB- I've misplaced it and love it enough to replace it -RRB- great for stacking or using as a single above the knuckle or pinky ring

    Sep 25,2018

  • Melanie D.
    Looking for a cheap sterling silver thumb ring to wear all the time, This is the perfect size to wear all the time, Real sterling silver shouldn't tarnish

    Apr 30,2018

  • Manuel Sauceda
    Once you stretch it to much it loses its shape and looks funky, However I can wear it higher on my finger and still look cute so I will keep it

    Dec 08,2017

  • MoonFire711
    Every piece of jewelry always turns my fingers green and I've been able to wear this days on end without that happening or it fading

    Oct 05,2018