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  • Oumaima Bouhya
    100X Zoom Clip Microscope Micro Camera Kit for Mobile Phone
    It's a good microscope for my mobile phone, and it's easy to carry it with my mobile phone
    no cons, I love its design.

    Sep 06,2017

  • Irfan Iqbal
    Miibooth Review - Good Product
    Fun tool
    Nice magnification

    Watch complete review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1rJDsALHfA
    Focal point very small

    watch complete review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1rJDsALHfA

    Mar 26,2016

  • Jchkxhm
    My doctorade say thanks
    My doctorade say thanks.

    I'm working with one kind of rock and it sand.
    I already had made photos with Eletronic Microscope, at 1k and 2k zoom. But didn't had any of 100x.

    It works properly
    But doesn't fit perfectly at the Samsung S9.
    I need to Borrow one friends Iphone or S8 for making it works properly!

    Needs a bigger clip.

    Aug 08,2019

  • Luis Filipe
    60x-100x Mobile Phone Microscope
    Microscopio muito bom, deixo uma imagem com um cabelo a 100x.
    Very good microscope, I leave an image with a hair at 100x.
    A mola para por o microscopio no telefone não fica bem fixa por causa do peso do microscopio.
    The clip to put the microscope on cellphone doesn't stay well fixed because of the height of microscope.

    Jan 10,2017

  • Andre Medronheira
    the product
    very good for what is meant, nothing to apponint, the produt works perfetly, just working for what its meant to do, very happy with it, i hardly recomended it
    nothing to apponint, the produt works perfetly, just working for what its meant to do, very happy with it, i hardly recomended it

    Aug 21,2017

  • Carlos ferreira
    Zoom Óptico
    It is a product with very good quality that works very well and with great utility I recommend it is very good
    I have nothing to say because the product is very good

    Jun 13,2018

  • David
    It works very well, something complicated to adjust it to the mobile, but in general I am happy with this purchase.
    Something complicated to adjust it to the mobile

    Dec 19,2017

  • Santiago Arch
    The product is exactly what the description specifies.
    Focus is easy to get.
    The light is perfect.
    the engagement is not the best.
    the zoom is very difficult to stay in one point.

    Aug 19,2017

  • Sergey
    Супер зумм
    Очень хорошее увеличение, разглядывал упаковку, видно пиксели из которых состоит рисунок. На глаз и близко не видно. Хорошо видно глазом и телефоном.
    Немного сложновато настраивать при съемке телефоном

    Sep 22,2016

  • Alejandro
    Great Microscope
    - great zoom
    - simple to use
    - very good lighting
    - very good price
    - dificult to use with celular but you can use it without

    Oct 28,2015