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  • Marcelo
    The camera quality is excellent! Setup is easy and the App is not clunky as many other of those cameras around.

    The video stream quality is really good, including the night vision in complete darkness. Although the camera does not have a motor for rotation, the view angle is really good and should cover most of the room if you position it correctly.

    There's also the possibility of receiving alerts on your smartphone when movement is detected. When opening the notification you can view the recorded event. With the free subscription it will remain stored in their cloud for a few days only.
    I got a great deal on this camera on a flash sale. However it is a little bit pricey at the normal price.

    Jun 11,2018

  • Jookieman
    Great deal for simple camera
    - Camera performs as advertised
    - App is easy to setup and configure camera
    - USB cable is very very long
    - Includes USB to wall plug adapter
    - App works well to record still pictures or video whenever motion is detect. Also is nice you can define an area in the field of view to detect motion.
    - Has a magnetic bottom to secure it.
    - picture quality isn't great. Fuzzy without much detail. At least when looking through App (haven't looked at what images are stored on SD card using a computer)

    Aug 03,2017