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  • N3koBoi
    It's the brightest!
    Not only is it bright, but it's fairly focused too. Many LED lights throw light all over the place, not just on the road in fron of you. This one throws most of its light right where you aim it. That's a plus in my book. We're not blinding everyone coming toward us!

    Jun 27,2020

  • Ante
    Greeting, Great product, I am very satisfied with the quality. Delivery this time was not as fast as usual, but that is understandable considering the pandemic.

    Aug 25,2020

  • Richard Jones
    I love the lights . They are very bright in which allows me to see very far . When using them I am never in the dark .

    Jun 26,2020

  • Botanical SA
    This is a serious bike lite
    I ride in deep woods at night so I need all the light I can get and these fit the bill.

    Jun 19,2020

  • Craig Donahue
    really good product and its super bright
    Love this product. Its really bright ,you can be seen from a good distance.

    Jun 22,2020

  • Mighty Shilling
    Bright light to bike
    Very bright light, T6 lamp beads, 5 modes option, rechargeable.

    Jun 26,2020