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  • Alejandro
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    Muy bonita y muy buenos acabados
    La verdad es que se ve preciosa. Como adorno queda genial. Pesa bastante, con lo que parece que la porcelana es buena. Viene en una caja muy bien protegida con corcho blanco todo al rededor del instrumento, con lo que es poco probable de que se mueva o rompa durante el transporte. Además de la ocarina, viene un cordon para colocarlo en el instrumento y unas instrucciones dónde se explica cómo tocarlo, junto con unas partituras con algunas canciones. Muy recomendable para los fans de Zelda.

    Jan 17,2017

  • zero
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    genial calidad
    1, es un producto de genial calidad, resistente y ergonomico, estoy subicientemente satisfecho con lo que es por el precio que vale, se nota realmente bien en la mano y al transportar cosas no sufre rayaduras de ningun tipo en ningun caso la verdad2. Cre que es un producto de maravillosa calidad para el precio que vale aquí en españa y me siento realmente alegre con la adquisicion de este, no me equivoqué en ningun momento de la compra ademas de que es muy util para otro tipo de cosas, recomendacion 100%

    Nov 15,2018

  • Filipe Pereira
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    Really cool ocarina
    An awesome ocarina in ceramic! it sounds great, and its price is also really great! Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to learn how to play an ocarina. It also comes with instructions to play some songs, and a string to use it around your neck.

    May 26,2016

  • Daniele.
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    carina stupenda
    arrivata nei tempi previsti perfetta imballata perfettamente evitando che si rompesse per urti.il suono è fantastico nella confezione si trova anche un foglietto per imparare le note e qualche canzone. ci vorrebbe un cavalletto acquistabile a parte(forse in vendita mi devo documentare).La consiglio a chi vuole un oggetto da collezione o arredo o a chi vuole imparare a suonare l'ocarina

    Sep 10,2018

  • José Capela
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    Very pretty ocarina. Looks exactly as described and sounds really good. Is somewhat heavy on the hands, which permits a greater control over the ocarina, and a nicer grip. Comes with a finger position chart which has some songs to practice. The box is also very nice.

    Mar 27,2017

  • Catalina P.
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    Zelda blue 12 hole Ocarina
    The Ocarina is beautiful and well made. Arrived in a lovely box. Great tone, sounds good, as we all took a turn and played it. The ocarina comes with a drawstring cord to tie into Ocarina. So you can wear it and a little booklet to help you finger out tunes. They are so nice I bought two. .
    It did not have Zelda songs ( but can get the notes for Zelda songs online)

    Feb 17,2016

  • Kevin
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    Quality product for the price
    I have seen this exact product retailing for over 40$ USD in many online stores. It comes in a nice box, making it easy to wrap for a gift. The instrument itself is heavier than I thought, in a good way, it feels sturdier. I was afraid that by paying less I would end up with a thin ceramic ocarina.
    None! it truly is a great product for the low price.

    Jan 05,2016

  • John
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    I can finally turn back time! Haha, not really, but a GREAT product none the less!
    For the price i was expecting something very cheap. But boy was I wrong. The build quality and the paint on this ocarina are near flawless! The holes are accurately bored for maximum preciseness in the song you wish to play.
    Although the exterior is amazing the internal is a little flawed, When looking in I can see stray clay going across mine in particular. My product does not play but my friend who ordered one does flawlessly. Which i do not mind as i bought it as a decoration piece.

    Feb 07,2016

  • Jonathan E.
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    As fan of the series perfect Comes with some songs and explain how to use it. Any scratch or damage the color is homogeneous in all the piece. The sound is not wonderful but is nice.
    I feel it's untuned for certain notes. Some regular details in the construction around the holes, hard to tap it sometimes.

    Jan 21,2018

  • Gabe
    Ano (0) Barva: Blue
    A joy to use
    - Great build quality- Easy to use and hold- The notes are accurate depending on the air you blow into it- The price is excellent compared to other places that sell them- Comes with easy to understand instructions
    - Could be a tad bit bigger- The songs in the instructions are basic and not geared towards Zelda fans

    Aug 22,2017